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The Day I Knew Beacon of Speech Would Fail

I know you don't care, but it's Christmas Eve and I'm having some issues with heartburn. So instead of taking heartburn medicine, which would make sense, I decided to work on the Blog, which does nothing to solve the problem at hand.

As I tried to prop myself up and get comfortable on the couch, I got sidetracked and was reading about movie sequels. And things really went sideways when researching whether Beetlejuice 2 was ever going to be made. I was reading a piece at the Den of Geek, very short, word count only around 250, when I stopped and realized something. The article had nearly zero content. I took a screen shot.

About half the screen was ads. Pop up on bottom. Ad on lower right. Video ad square in the middle.

Links to other Den of Geek ads on upper right. Paid links at the bottom of the article. 2 Banner ads on the top. All told, over 20 Non-Den of Geek related ads. Which translates to an ad every 12 words or so.

I'm too dumb to realize that the path to success is to saturate my website with ads. No, really, my intuition would be content with some ads. Not ads with some content.


By the way, Micheal Keaton is 67 and I couldn't find one concrete story that Beetlejuice 2 was ever going to happen. Beetlejuice: The Musical? Yes. Beetlejuice: The Movie Sequel? It doesn't appear so. But you never know, Indiana Jones 5 will be coming out in 2021 when Harrison Ford will be 79.

[There you go, the little word counter on my draft editor just ticked past 250 words. I wasted your time AND told you nothing.]

Merry F---ing Christmas.

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