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Merry Christmas, Liars

Editor's note: More profanity than we're usually comfortable with.

It was a festive morning at the Hunt House, but now the children are all on their devices and downloading their electronic presents. So I decided to go to ESPN to see what sports I wanted to watch today and get some results from the weekend that I might have missed.

Big Mistake. You know what? Instead of nice stories, the Sports World is littered with a-holes and d-bags. Here's some people who ruined (Sports) Christmas this year.

  • John Gruden and Mark Davis

Hypocrite John Gruden, who rushed to the Black Hole section of fans to celebrate after the game, said on Saturday he was holding out hope to return to the East Bay next year. Listen, idiot. You know what would have been a great gift to the people of Oakland? You keeping Dereck Carr, Khalil Mack, and Amari Cooper together and winning some games. You traded away 2/3 of your core so the Las Vegas Raiders would be a playoff team in 2022, and then you played innocent as the 4-11 Oakland Raiders tanked and limped out of the city. You put on quite an acting job yesterday.

And you, Mark Davis, quit rubbing Oakland's faces in it, just take you $2.5 BILLION franchise and go. Stop with the 'all options are open' bullshit.

Don't get me wrong, one of the few franchise moves I've supported is Oakland to Vegas. Again, the city of Oakland can root for the 49'ers. The argument that Oakland doesn't root for San Francisco teams doesn't wash anymore, because the 49'ers moved out of San Francisco too.

  • LeBron James

At some point you, the reader, have to hold my feet to the fire, because I think some of my animosity towards James may just be simple jealousy, but let's have at it.

James was on my radar earlier this week because he compared playing in the NFL to modern day slavery. Then he went out and posted a rap song with Anti-Semitic Lyrics on Twitter. Have I ever done that? No, I'm not on Twitter, but here, here's some free speech from 1989 that I like. Of course James later apologized for the lyrics from the rap song that he posted but didn't write, because his Brand took a hit.

But that's not even what's eating at me today. Today James said Recruiting Efforts Just as Important to Lakers as (my) Play. LeBron James is just another Scumbag Businessman.

Here's LeBron's history of NOT recruiting. Hmmm. Let's see, first time go around in Cleveland, zero recruiting. Then he recruited good players... TO MIAMI. Then he returned to Cleveland, in part, because Kyrie Irving was already there. He kind of recruited Kevin Love. And then wouldn't sign a long-term deal in Cleveland. He also, kind of, recruited players his last year in Cleveland, all to one year contracts. But he doesn't get credit for that because he made it so untenable for Irving in Cleveland that he drove Young Kyrie out of town, then left himself.

Now all of a sudden LeBron wants to be Mr. Laker and build another SuperTeam. Guess what?

What LeBron is doing to the New Orleans Pelicans is out and out TAMPERING. If he were an Old, White Owner, he would be fined for MILLIONS for what he is doing today.

If it wasn't for being good at basketball, LeBron would have been working with me at Taco Bell. (Oh, he's got a good head on his shoulders, I'm sure he would have worked his way up to Store Manager by 34.)

  • Nick Saban

Nick Saban suspended three players for the first College Football Playoff Round Game. I was stunned. Didn't Saban famously suspend a player for ONE HALF for gun charges in 2016. Yes he did, Tim Williams. But Tim Williams was really good at football and ended up in the NFL.

Surprise, surprise. Saban suspended 2 reserves and an injured starter for violating team rules. That sounds like the Nick Saban we all know and... well, we know the score with Saban. Good players, short or non-existent suspensions. Reserve players, longer, message-sending suspensions.

  • Brian Kelly

It leaked that backup Quarterback Brandon Wimbush will be transferring away from Notre Dame at the end of the football season. Because Wimbush has his degree, he can start at a different College next year. The question should be, if Wimbush helped Notre Dame to a 10-3 record in 2017 while dealing with migraines, what happened at the beginning of 2018 that got him benched?

Notre Dame didn't lose a game, they were 12-0. Wimbush led the Fighting Irish to a 3-0 record before ending up on the sidelines. There seems to be a whole lot of behind-the-curtains drama for a team in the playoffs and an undefeated record. And I didn't even mention the Kelly to the NFL murmurs that persistently whisper throughout NFL circles.

We'll hear what really happened behind the scenes of the season when Kelly gets his next job, either this off-season, or in the next couple of years.


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