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Browns Time Capsule III -or- Rizzo Craps Out

This column is dedicated to the Non-Prophetic Tony Rizzo.

One year ago, WKNR's Tony Rizzo spoke into his microphone held together with paper clips and duct tape and railed against the Browns for not firing Hue Jackson.

At 10:19:30 a.m. on January 2, 2018, Rizzo continued

"bet the under," whatever that may be 4, 4 1/2, 5. "TIMES 2."

And, instead of words, Rizzo continued on, but this time pounding the money thread.

Rizzo yelled he would "Not Renew" his season tickets.

Now it's not fair to take one thread out of the 10,000 opinions Rizzo makes a year (or 100 opinions repeated 100 times), but heck, it's amusing playing Magic 8 Ball. - Beacon of Speech

According to CBS Sports, the Vegas Win Total Projection at the beginning of the year was 6. The Browns finished 7-8-1, so Rizzo 'lost' money. (Yeah, I don't think he really put down his own money.) Rizzo was right about Jackson, but Vegas does not care, they care about the numbers.

An interesting thing happened though since Rizzo made his prediction. Rizzo keeps harping that he is transferring to ESPN West Palm (he'll be doing remotes there coming up shortly) and when I tuned in this morning to hear about Black Monday in the NFL, no Rizzo.

Wait. I stand corrected. I got to hear Mike Rizzo. Rizzo takes off and his kid is the substitute host. You know what? We're going to end this thread here because what is good or bad is all skewed. Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam is slowly selling off his Pilot/Flying J business to Berkshire Hathaway. How can he afford to do that? In 2012, Jimmy Haslam bought the Browns for $1.1 Billion. Many thought he overpaid but, 6 years later, the Browns are worth $1.95 Billion. Haslam cares about wins and loses, but not as much as $$$$ and $$$$. Haslam swooped in and bought the Columbus Crew and saved soccer in Ohio. He's even chipping in half the cost to build a new stadium in Downtown Columbus.

Sometimes I wish I followed sports like a 10 year old. Watch the football game, then go out and play. Instead of today, watch the football game and then try not to think of anything else surrounding the game.

Cleveland Browns wins and losses are irrelevant. Did Jimmy Haslem win? Did Tony Rizzo win?

My Dad used to say "Vegas wasn't built by people winning all the time."

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