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Oozing Wound

Four words jumped off the page of Oozing Wound's latest album review at New Noise Magazine, fastest noise rock band.

I immediately stopped reading and headed over to YouTube.

First song I came across was their 2016 single Diver.

Great song. Awesome video. (Disclaimer: Don't do drugs.)

They released a new album this past week called High Anxiety.

Here's the video for their lead single Tween Shitbag.

Good song. Good video.

2014's Going Through the Motions 'Til I Die

Sadly topical.

More great videos like:

Hippie Speedball

Welcome to the Spaceship, Motherf@cker

And, Call Your Guy

My point is, why aren't these guys bigger? A generation ago they would have been good enough to earn some airplay on Headbangers Ball or Uranium and maybe get some traction to get to a national stage. Today? I read an interview with the band in the Chicago Tribune where they seem oddly resigned to their place in the musical universe. The band members all have day jobs and squeeze out releases between hours of manual labor. As part of the Chicago Scene, the most depressing quote from the article came from lead singer Zack Weil "Every successful musician I know is broke."

Maybe one day they'll break out, but until then, don't just trust me, there is real buzz around the band from multiple publications.

More Good Reviews from:


Spectrum Culture


Chicago Reader



Side Note:

A real oozing wound.

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