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The Lighter Side of the Mueller Report

I skimmed the Mueller Report and these are the times that I chuckled....

"(H. Clinton) is a bright, well-connected, sadistic sociopath."

Page 44 -Twitter Group Chat

The Mueller Report was citing Twitter Group Chat?

Might as well cite Beacon of Speech.

"The WikiLeaks account responded "Hi, there' without further elaboration."

Page 46

"The Project was often referred to as Trump Tower Moscow."

Page 67

"Kushner became aggravated and asked '(w)hat are we doing here?'"

Page 118

"....All that is required to start the process is a very minor 'wink' (or slight push) from [Donald Trump].

Page 130

"He periodically sent Kilimnik polling data via WhatsApp."

Page 136 What's WhatsApp? I don't know.

Editor's Note: Free Ad for WhatsApp

"Can you look into this? Don't want to get duped, but don't want to blow off Putin!"

Hope Hicks after receiving call from someone 'foreign' from a Washington D.C. Area Code.

Page 145

"Prince related that Bannon did not appear angry, just relatively uninterested."

Page 156

"Gorkov presented Kushner with 2 gifts:"

A painting.

A bag of soil from a town in Belarus where Kushner's Ancestors lived.

Page 162

Dirt. Dirt made the Mueller Report.

"Very strange coincidence."

Page 192


What is this? VOLUME I

There's a whole 'nother VOLUME of this? Sorry readers, I'm just about done for the night.


So I didn't chuckle here, I was confused. Part of the argument in the Mueller Report is the question: Are hacked e-mails stolen goods?

How do news organizations get their documents?

What is the difference between CNN and WikiLeaks?

Be careful....

Beacon of Speech is a Free Speech site. Right in the First Amendment, right after Freedom of Speech, is the Freedom of the Press.

Maybe the History Channel can sort this out a little better than me:

Free Press for everyone? I believe that's what the Founders intended.

Free Press for certain perspectives?


Free Press for those who pay for it?

Ahhhhh, welcome to 2019....

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