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Lookin' For Jesus

As I was editing Beacon of Speech, I noticed themes of Heaven and Hell had permeated my last few posts. As I pondered the meaning of such a revelation, I coincidentally came across a Country/Rock song on Blank TV that kind of captured both the yin and the yang of the theological argument in a very contemporary fashion.

The band is Dead Bronco and the song is called Been Saved. If you want to hear good Country Music, you should check out some more of their back catalog.

False Hearted Lover's Blues

Bedridden & Hellbound

Dead Bronco

Lord Call Me Home


And, maybe the best of all: KEG STAND


Now I've done, let me check here, 390 posts and a hundred and some audio releases with Ted, so I don't have a lot of secrets left. I still have a lot of stories, but most of them are boring. The point is, I really enjoy music and I found Dead Bronco to be a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, today I officially found out that I have some sort of hearing loss.

How did I come to have this hearing loss? I'm not oblivious to how this happened. Lots and lots of loud music and industrial noise, I'm sure. So maybe I have to start putting a disclaimer on my musical articles: Please listen at responsible volumes.

In theory the beginning of my hearing loss could have been traced to my previous job, I was exposed to a lot of high volume background noises there, but until they invent a time machine where I could go back and prove something was wrong there at the time, well if they're monitoring Beacon of Speech (which I am told that they are), they are already lawyering up.

Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Corporate Lawyers

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