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Probably NOT Working for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Here's the problem with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, which I have visited many times.

When it was built, the residents of Northeast Ohio thought that the Rock Hall would eventually house beloved average Rock Bands like:

Huey Lewis and the News

Michael Stanley Band

Atlanta Rhythm Section

Instead, the Rock Hall pulled the bait and switch and decided to embrace pop artists like ABBA and George Michael. They have de-emphasized the Rock in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and now they're a Popular Music Hall of Fame.

Though catchy, this guy is in the Rock Hall:

As the art form of Rock continues to whither, instead of championing the music that built the Hall, they've hedged their bets.

But as my day job continues to throttle me, I briefly thought, "maybe working at the Rock Hall would be fun." So I went over to the jobs page and....


Probably not so much:

This sentence stopped me in my tracks: We acknowledge historical inequities & purposefully create an environment where each person feels accepted, appreciated, & safe to utilize their unique experiences & perspectives. Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Inclusion is more than just a policy. It supports our mission and defines our future.


Research shows that women and individuals from underrepresented backgrounds often apply to jobs only if they meet 100% of the qualifications. We recognize that it is highly unlikely that an applicant meets 100% of the qualifications for a given role. Therefore, if much of this job description describes you, then you are highly encouraged to apply for this role. 

Can I translate that for you? White men need not apply.

Oh well. Fundamentally, the Rock Hall has become the emblem of both the establishment AND rebellion. One day that core dichotomy will be its downfall.

If I was in charge, I would de-emphasize Pop in favor of the Extreme Branches of Rock like Punk, Metal, and Industrial. Again, that is DEFINITELY not what the Rock Hall is looking for.


I'm just sour because my favorite band isn't in the Rock Hall? (Technically, they slid in when no one was looking.)

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