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Miscellaneous (June 2019)

In the past 24 hours (6-11-19) Tim Hagan has posted a dozen memes questioning Donald Trump's Character/Leadership Skills/Patriotism/Etc.

I'm not saying that Donald Trump isn't corrupt, as a matter of fact, Tim Hagan is fairly on point with Trump criticism. What galls me to no end is that Tim Hagan is the LAST person who should be calling ANYONE out for being corrupt this late in his life.....

In the year 2008 there were 3 Cuyahoga County Commissioners. 3 old-school Democrats that were arguably the most powerful local politicians in Northeast Ohio on the Local Level, Peter Lawson Jones, Jimmy Dimora, and Tim Hagan. They worked hand in hand with Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo.

Today, 10 years later, Dimora and Russo are in prison and the County Governement was so corrupt that the County Commissioner system was scrapped and replaced with an elected Executive Council in 2009. When the county government was re-organized, Peter Lawson Jones quit politics and went into acting.

Which leaves Tim Hagan. Using the hindsight of time, there were only 2 explanations for Tim Hagan in 2008 when the FBI was raiding offices across the county.

  • Either he was corrupt and got away with it.

Editor's Note: Tim Hagan WAS NOT CHARGED in a court of law.

  • Or he was innocent and was oblivious to all of the criminal activity going on around him.

Either look is a bad, bad look. There was no 'good' option.

So Hagan wants to attack Trump in the White House when he didn't know what was going on in his own hallways? Yeah, Hagan needs to quietly drift into the night.


You see that young lady in the photo above? That is the very beautiful Hope Solo. She made news this week by saying that the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team coach "cracks" under pressure.

Listen, if I'm coaching the USWNT and I need to win one game, you know who I'd take on my team at goalkeeper? I'm taking the 1999 version Briana Scurry. So Solo can keep yapping her gums, but more people know her in America for being Mrs. Jerramy Stevens and for being on Dancing with the Stars than for her being on the National Team. Don't get me wrong, in her prime, Solo was a damn good keeper.

But now that Solo is "retired" <<cough, cough>> <<<ahem, ahem>>, she is now Soccer's version of a Kardashian. She can spout off all she likes, heck even become a color commentator, but her time is in the past.


If you want to support Press Freedoms, you should support Ivan Golunov and Julian Assange.

Neither are puppets of Corporate Media.


Let's say you're at work and you strain your calf coming down off of the ladder. You're worried about your injury turning into a worse injury. Guess what? You still have to come into work the next day. Even if you have a ton of sick days in the bank at your job, no job let's you take off a month for a strained calf.

The Kevin Durant injury was cleared by team physicians so he could return to play. So it may or may not be a coincidence that Durant blew out his Achilles on his first game back. All these people screaming Durant shouldn't have gone back for Game 5, apparently they don't have jobs.

Commentators are bitchin' that Durant lost a lot of money last night. (Let's see about that.)

Side Note: It made me laugh when Kevin Durant screamed "Fuck" after his injury and then ABC dumped the audio about a second and a half late. My teenager asked me, "uh, they're not supposed to say that on Antenna TV, are they?"

Me: "No. No they're not."


When Bob Geldof founded Live Aid back in the 1985, I said "who's Bob Geldof?" Because I was young, I scoffed at Geldof's musical contributions because I had never heard of the Boomtown Rats.

I recently had an opportunity to revisit the Boomtown Rats discography and.....

....they were terrible. Madness was ten times better. Queen was a hundred times better.

#Miscellaneous #uswnt

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