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The Cellar Door Sessions... Today

Back in 1970, Miles Davis put together a group of Live jazz musicians and played multiple nights at a club called The Cellar Door in Washington D.C. Part of that night's recordings turned into 1971's Live Evil. Most of that night turned into a 6 hour box set called, appropriately enough, The Cellar Door Sessions 1970. That box set was released nearly 15 years after Miles Davis' death.

Surprisingly (to me), all of those musicians are alive and productive today. Whatever happened to....

  • Gary Bartz: Soprano sax & alto sax. Also flute.

  • Keith Jarrett: Fender Rhodes electric piano & Fender Contempo organ.

  • Michael Henderson: Electric bass.

  • Jack DeJohnette: Drums.

  • Airto Moreira: Percussion, cuica (CDs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

  • John McLaughlin: Electric guitar (CDs 5, 6 only)


From 1968's Miles in the Sky to 1977's Dark Magus, there was no bad Miles Davis music. Known as Davis' Electric Period, as jazz evolved through Miles, those who played with him went on to sow the seeds of the music that Davis had planted.

Gary Bartz: He played sideman on over 50 albums by over a dozen artists. He released over 2 dozen albums of his own and is still active today. He teaches Jazz Performance about 5 minutes from my home at Oberlin College.

Unfortunately, few recent examples of his work exist on YouTube. Here's some highlights from his NYC tour back in 2013.

Keith Jarrett: He released about 7 dozen albums as either leader or co-leader of musical endeavors ranging from jazz to classical. His 2 CD collection J.S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I, came out last week.

The video above was from a very popular performance about half a dozen years back.

Michael Henderson: The four time Grammy Nominee, after having celebrated more than 50 years in the music business at SOLD OUT concerts around the globe 2018, celebrates his birthday 2019 (As well as that of late great, Phyllis Hyman) in the "City of Angels!" -

That description on Eventbrite is for a show coming up here in Los Angeles in about 2 weeks.

The above video is from about 5 years ago with some jazz students.

Jack DeJohnette: Just finished touring last month. Here's one of his shows from the jazz supergroup Hudson from last year.

And if you go back to the Keith Jarrett video above, DeJohnette was featured in the Keith Jarrett Standards Trio.

Airto Moreira: With a discography a mile long, in 2017 percussionist Airto released an album of electronic musical textures, without percussions.

John McLaughlin: John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension have a tour coming up this fall.

Here's some HD quality video from 2017.


Unexpectedly, deceased Miles Davis has continued to be proficient in his output as well. Since Davis died, he's been Frank Zappa-esque in his production with his estate continuing to release material, averaging about an album or BOX SET a year.

2018's Miles Davis & John Coltrane The Final Tour: Bootleg Series, Volume 6 Box Set went straight to #1 on the Jazz Albums Chart.

As a matter of fact, Davis has had over 3 DOZEN Top 20 Jazz Albums since his death.

His estate is surely running out of material to release, right? NOPE.

Miles Davis' "lost" album Rubberband comes out September 16, 2019.

Click on the link below from Miles Davis' website for more details.

I'm sorry, no one loves Miles Davis more than me, but how in the world does Miles Davis have his own website? Again, he died in 1991.

Even the original producers came back to work on Rubberband so it could be released 28 years later.


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