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Repentless -or- Miscellaneous (Aug 2019)

Doctor: "Yeah, you're going to have to back off of the loud music Mr. Hunt or else you're facing permanent deafness."

Me: "But do you know how great the guitar work was on Slayer's last single?"

So for my 50th Birthday, I got Hearing Aides. (Really.)

The first time I heard the Repentless song above I said to myself "why does this remind of Exodus?"

Then I answered myself, "oh, that's right."

I intended for this to be a much, much longer article, but then I had the most horrible nightmares about Slayer for two days afterwards. So you get another mish-mosh miscellaneous article.


I just wanted to give kudos to CNN. What? Yeah, I know, but I read the inspiring story of Doug Lindsay there and wanted to share it here.

While I was "inventing" Beacon of Speech, which is simply an excuse for me to spout off about things I like and things that aggravate me, Doug Lindsay invented an operation that saved his own life. Why did he have to invent his own operation? Lindsay was stricken with a rare disease that almost no one else in the world had. Because he had a unique disease, doctors didn't have time to diagnose, treat, and then cure him. His issues did not fit into the standard medical literature. So he cured himself. Really, it's that simple.

Now Lindsay is a consultant for others with rare diseases.


Apologies to Emily Ratajkowski.

On February 23, 2018 you surprisingly married Sebastian Bear-McClard. I snarkily predicted a 30 DAY MARRIAGE. So as you celebrate your 1 and a half year union, I admit my mistake and wish you well for the remaining months of your marriage.

With that said, Miley Cyrus announced her divorce to Liam Hemsworth today.


Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer blamed the "MEDIA" for his death. That's rich. If anything, the "MEDIA" used restraint because Epstein was worth piles and piles of cash. Epstein bought his way out of jail at every turn because he had powerful friends and accumulated enormous wealth. Same principle as the Michael Jackson Case, if Epstein was worth, oh say, $100,000 and was the District Manager at the local McDonald's chain, he would have been in jail...



Shitty Pakistan ( دو )

Back in the year 2017, we wrote about the plight of Dr. Shakil Afridi. The Pakistani doctor was the #1 reason that we were able to kill Osama bin Laden.

Let me reiterate that bin Laden was "hiding" in plain daylight in suburban Pakistan. After President Obama took care of bin Laden, the Pakistanis were furious that America violated their "sovereignty." They arrested Afridi and threw him in jail, basically because they are (were) jerks.

Afridi still sits in that jail cell today. One of Donald Trump's platforms when he was running for President in 2016 is that he would make sure that the Pakistanis freed Afridi.

Trump has mostly failed at his vow. He threatened the Pakistanis that if they didn't do more to help out in Afghanistan that he would take away their foreign aid. Before 2018, America had sent Pakistan $15 billion in 15 years.

Pakistan called Trump's bluff, except for Trump wasn't bluffing. Trump pulled 1 BILLION DOLLARS in foreign aid a year, partially because the Pakistanis wouldn't release Afridi. The Pakistanis would really, really like their billion dollars a year back.

So as Afridi continues to rot in solitude in a Pakistani prison, he is still being used as a pawn in Pakistani-American relations. Some estimates are that Pakistan will be as large as the United States, population wise, in 80 years.

Unless we let India nuke them back into the 18th Century.

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