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The Aliens Are PISSED

Bunch of UFO talk this past week and I want to say, for the record, that Aliens 100% exist, but I don't think we've met them yet.

BUT, let's take Bob Lazar and Tom DeLonge at their words and say that the Aliens are here. Do you know, whatever planet those Aliens are from, they've got to be PISSED. How so? I'm glad you asked.

Don't look at the Aliens coming to Earth from our perspective, look at it from the Alien's perspective. According to Bob Lazar, the Aliens used some sort of Gravitation Displacement Engine and the Americans are attempting to reverse engineer the technology for their own gains. Right now, the way Lazar explains it, we, as human beings, are looking at technologies that are hundreds of years into the future.

Again, forgot about our perspective, let's just hypothesize, for the sake of argument, that the Aliens are from Kepler 186f. So the Aliens send some of their bravest scouts and astronauts out to the planet Earth. Kepler is about 500 light years away, so even if they have technologies that are hundreds of years more advanced than ours, they still have to send their people out across vast expanses of time and space.

What if Aliens live to be a 1,000 years old?

Assuming that they're traveling at the speed of light. They could make the trip to Earth, but maybe not the trip back.

Let's assume that they can communicate with their own planet.

The Aliens get to Earth and are either shot down or crash due to atmospheric conditions that are very dissimilar to the conditions found on their home planet. Those dead Aliens are Heroes and Martyrs. There are giant statues of Gork and Zurtnare-3 in front of Alien schools across the fruited Alien Plains.

What if the Aliens at their equivalent of Houston know for a fact that there are dead and captured comrades left on Earth. Their communication capabilities far outweigh any type of communications that we are familiar with. Of course they're going to send more ships to investigate.

What if we're the bad guys? (Not you and me, necessarily, but our government.)

What if the Aliens have no concept of war? Their species evolved based on cooperation and scientific advancement. They would have to think that they are dealing with Neanderthals here on Earth. Our violent nature could scare them, yes, or it could really piss them off. They could be developing weapons to simply dissolve the whole lot of us humans.

If the Aliens are here, you must admit that we have not rolled out the red carpet for them. Rumors of the Aliens in America have dated back for at least a half a century. If they really are here, that's fifty years of seething from our interstellar neighbors.


Or maybe some people have very active imaginations. Could the U.S. Government be hiding their own advanced technologies from other nations and blame those security breaches on Aliens?


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