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Does NASA Have a "Noah's Ark" Spacecraft?

I was kind of stunned earlier when I read this at Vice:

Uh, that's really bad, right?

So I read on and it appears that what goes on at the Earth's Core does affect all kinds of things from Earthquakes to Weather, but a core reversal doesn't necessarily mean a cataclysmic event.

Which got me thinking, the US Government has to have a Noah's Ark Spacecraft, right? Let's say that the Earth's Core stopping did set events in place that was going to wipe out life on Earth, but scientists said that the Earth would be livable in 12-18 months again.....

The technology exists to build a Noah's Ark Spacecraft right now, the International Space Station held six, there's no reason we can't build multiple Noah Ark's that hold 20 citizens a piece. If I was President, I would build 5.

Here's the concept: President Fred would build 5 spacecrafts and names of the crafts would be Noah, Na'amah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. If you want to argue about the names of the spacecraft, mankind is already doomed, time to simply slink into the cosmic abyss.

Because I am the President of the United States, I am not putting any foreign citizens on any of my craft. As a matter of fact, I'm not putting any American Citizens on the ships, only American Military Personnel that represent the Demographics of the United States.

It's not fair that Uganda doesn't have a Noah's Ark craft? No time for that discussion, either

No one over 40 is going.

No one who is infertile is going.

No one who doesn't want kids is going.

I will allow some children of married servicemen who are going.

50 males and 50 females are going.

59 Whites.

19 Hispanic

13 Blacks

6 Asians

3 Native Americans

Spread across 5 ships.

Doctors and Engineers.

No Lawyers.

Why only 5 ships? Why not a thousand? Let's say you only have a month before the coming apocalypse. You can't be one of the last one hundred to flee the planet, but the government is going to ask you to work the last 30 days before your death? I don't see a lot of volunteers for that deal. Basically President Fred is going to trade NASA employees the chance to live in my underground fortress for their labor.

Why aren't I going? I'm over 50. I am shooting blanks (you know what I mean.) I am going to stay in my underground bunker with the spaceship builders, hoping that the doomsday models were slightly wrong. Besides, America will turn into the Purge real, real quick once the species ending event is announced.

You are arguing that I'm not the President, the President we have now doesn't have the forethought to load the final spacecrafts with Americans that could potentially re-populate the nation. He'd load the ships full of family and political allies?

Then we're all screwed, as humans, aren't we?


Side Note I:

Also in Science News-

Who would want that APP? I can already tell you how that short conversation is going to go.

Fred: Hey AI Hitler, what's your take on world events?

AI Hitler: I don't care about any of that. Fred Hunt, you should go and kill some Jews.

Fred: WHAT?!! I don't have any problems with "the Jews." I think they're fine.

AI Hitler: You don't want to kill Jews? How would you like to end up in the gas chambers yourself?

Fred: AI Hitler, you're really starting to overstep your bounds.

AI Hitler: I'm going to talk to Rudolf Höss about you.

Fred: Dude, all your henchmen are dead.

AI Hitler: Don't you worry Mr. Hunt, I'm gathering a new Nazi Army-

<delete APP>


Side Note II:

Not in Science News-

Don't get me wrong, because of Putin, the world is a much more dangerous place. But the members of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists are not a Science Group, they are a Political Group.

"The clock’s time isn’t meant to measure threats, but rather to spark conversation and encourage public engagement in scientific topics like climate change and nuclear disarmament." -CNN

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