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Male Privilege is Not Real

(Or, what the working title was going to be, 'Woke Fan Girl: Hannah Yasharoff - Part II')

Male Privilege? Really?

Hannah Yasharoff, didn't write an Opinion Piece on Male Privilege.

She didn't write an Entertainment Piece on Male Privilege.

She wrote a HEALTH article about Male Privilege, like Male Privilege was a disease.


As journalistic standards continue to deteriorate at the USA Today, let's start with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. Both actors were arguably the greatest actors of their generation, but now they're just rich Hollywood Douchebags. If she wanted to tee off on them for that, I wouldn't have had a problem with that angle.

But she is deliberate in picking 2 old white men as her examples. Her premise is, neither actor is going to be able to play catch with children that are 80 years younger.

Listen, that is fair, but men being able to impregnate women at any age is biology, not privilege.

The author is very careful not to say White Privilege, despite the illusion given in the examples.

My question is: Why wouldn't Yasharoff use Nick Cannon as her Male Privilege example? Certainly with 12 kids by 6 different Baby Mamas, Cannon can't logistically play catch with all his children either. It's because she loves Nick Cannon. The undertone of her article is that it isn't fair that old white men are breeding. But the more I talk about DeNiro and Pacino, the more I get the willies.

What Hannah Yasharoff has accidentally tripped over in her reporting is Rich Privilege. She can't use me as her example, either, I am a middle class male that had a vasectomy in his 30's because I knew our family couldn't afford any more kids. I know a lot of men in that predicament, I certainly don't have "male privilege" when it comes to procreation. If I had Nick Cannon money, my wife wanted a half dozen kids. Our financial situation put the kibosh on that.

Your question to me should be: Why does Yasharoff's article bother you so much?

Male privilege is not real. She is treating her opinion as scientific fact. If you start to closely read some of these far-left diatribes, you'll see that the authors are using one or two people that they don't like to prop up some ridiculous theory, when I know 100 people personally that would easily disprove the hypothesis.

But my blog is lucky to get a hundred hits, Yasharoff's missive will probably reach 100,000 eyeballs....

You know what....

Article OVER.

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