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Nancy Armour: Propagandist

You know what sucks? My job.

You know what else sucks? Probably your job.

Where do you go to escape the daily grind?

So I was kind of surprised this morning when I read this in the USA Today Sports Section:

Ughh, not Nancy Armour. Again.

Let's start with Bigotry. Did I go to the USA Today Sports Section to read about bigotry? I did not.

Is there bigotry in sports? Oh, there certainly is. While I was peeking at the Heat-Celtics score as I wrote this, this was the lead story at ESPN: Sloane Stephens says racist abuse of athletes has 'only gotten worse'

I have said it before and I'll say it again, athletes shouldn't have to do with racist taunts. If a fan hurls racist taunts at an athlete, they should be kicked out of the venue immediately...

But that's not what Nancy Armour is talking about. Nancy Armour is talking about "transphobia."

Nancy Armour is dangerous because she is trying to redefine bigotry as someone who disagrees with her point of view. Is Sam Ponder a bigot? Not from anything I've read.

I have been putting off this day at Beacon of Speech for a long time because I want to make sure I am very clear on my stance, but the Nancy Armours of the world need to be pushed back into reality.

Nancy Armour should know this, but in the 1960's East Germany instituted a national doping program that force fed athletes testosterone in order to gain superiority in sports in order to legitimize Communist Policies. Systematic State Doping became so prominent that the International Olympic Committee had to set limits on testosterone in women's sports because it was accepted science that testosterone helped female athletes perform.

But at what a price? Health Consequences of PEDs Continue to Plague ex-East German Athletes - Global Sports Matter

So here is Beacon of Speech's position on Women's Sports specifically.

Women's Sports HAVE to allow Transgender Athletes.

  • Once male genitalia has been removed.

  • Once testosterone levels are below the International Olympic Committee thresholds.

It doesn't have anything to do with fairness, sports is rarely fair.

As a Libertarian-Leaning publication, you have the right to dress like a women. You have the right to identify as a woman. You have the right to participate in drag shows. You have the right to participate in women's sports...once your transition is complete and your testosterone levels have fallen.

I don't understand Armour's point of view. She's 50-something years old and doping rules have been in place her entire life.

Before she became a Woke Warrior, Armour never questioned the fairness of testosterone levels in female athletes. In her youth, I would even speculate she wrote stories exposing the exploitational nature of the East German National Team.

Surprise, surprise. Nancy Armour, in 2016, defending a female American Swimmer:

"After there was Mark Spitz but before there was Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky, there was (Shirley) Babashoff, an American swimmer so fierce and strong she set 11 individual and relay world records and won eight Olympic medals. Two were gold.
It should have been six.
Babashoff finished second to East German swimmers four times at the 1976 Olympics – swimmers who were later found to have been pumped full of testosterone as part of the communist country’s massive doping program. Swimmers who shattered world records by several seconds and then climbed out of the pool looking as fresh as when they hopped out of bed that morning."

Why do the gonads have to go? Because that's where most of the testosterone is produced. I'm not making stuff up, it is a very easily referenced fact in any Biology 101 textbook.

Swimmer Lia Thomas claims that they transitioned. But it appears that they transitioned from male to transgender. Thomas' transition isn't to female, but to the process in between.

But I don't want to turn this into a referendum on one specific athlete. In 2018, I wrote about Caster Semenya, then my article disappeared from the internet.

Armour's latest foray into the culture wars isn't her first.

Just last month, according to Armour, Bob Huggins was a "Bigot and a Liar." What was Huggins' sin? Apparently Huggins used a "homophobic slur" and Armour was peeved that he wasn't fired.

As a matter of fact, 14 of Armour's last 20 articles were left wing talking points, 6 were straight sports takes.

I may be a failed Free Speech Advocate, but since Nancy Armour likes to call other people names, just be aware that she is a Far-Left Wing Hack.

She would show you all of her shiny awards in rebuttal, but having good technical skills doesn't make you a good SPORTS writer. There is a difference between writing about sports versus using sports to advance your own private agenda. Re-read Armour's missive again and describe her angle.

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