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Miscellaneous (Sports Edition)

Well, well, well, guess who's back to weighing in on racism in America? Our friend LeBron. Just a reminder, LeBron has no opinion on what's going on between China and Taiwan.

According to LeBron, today America is racist for, let me get this straight, penalizing Ohio State-Heisman Trophy Candidate-Defensive End Chase Young for taking out a private loan to fly his girlfriend out to the Rose Bowl to watch him play football?

Let's just keep on moving.....


Imagine a College Football National Championship Game between Joe Burrow's LSU Tigers and Justin Fields' Ohio State Buckeyes.

As late as the 2017 season, these QB student-athletes were in the same OSU locker room:

Dwayne Haskins: Redskins 2019 1st Round Draft Pick

Joe Burrow: #1 Draft Pick in the 2020 Draft (According to the Sporting News.)

JT Barrett: Ohio State's All-Time leader in Passing.

Those 3 have the potential of becoming 1982's Miami Hurricanes which had 3 future NFL Quarterbacks (1 Hall-of-Famer) on their roster:

#1 Bernie Kosar

#12 Jim Kelly

#18 Vinnie Testaverde


Donald Trump wildly booed at Washington Nationals World Series Games? Top Story at CNN.

Donald Trump wildly CHEERED at Alabama vs LSU games? See for yourself:

Don't get me wrong, you should Boo Trump, but try some consistent reporting. (Sorry, I couldn't say that with a straight face. You know CNN wasn't going to have people cheering for Trump as their lead story.)

We advocate booing EVERYONE at Beacon of Speech.


On a Sunday when America was talking FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, MLS Cup was played in Seattle. Nearly 70,000 Seattle-area residents watched the Sounders pound on Toronto 3-1. I had asked my Father-in-Law if we could turn on MLS Cup just for a second so I could see the score.

He said "that's on TODAY?"

Yeah, that's not how you market your sport to the casual fan.


Funniest Tweet of the Year?

After Alabama lost to LSU, this popped up on my News Feed.

Total Pro Sports reported it as Real News.


Song of the Day?

2014's The Ballad of Brian Hoyer

Indianapolis Colt's third-stringer looked terrible in a loss to the pitiful Miami Dolphins.


.....LeBron James also said 'AAU Coaches Don't Give a F@ck.' He's worried about his kids' basketball workload. His teenagers are playing too much basketball. (Hint: You can pull your kid from AAU basketball. Just let them play High School B-Ball.)

Let me get this straight. After LeBron's self-imposed social media exile, he came back to say these 2 things:

  • Athletes are being exploited by not getting enough perks.

  • Teenage athletes are playing too much sports.

I'm not sure those are really platforms of most global humanitarians. I'm not saying that LeBron is right or wrong, I'm saying he's taking a peculiar stand. What is that you ask? Making sure that future millionaires are making money as teenagers? Not exactly 'I have a Dream.'


Hockey Announcer Don Cherry was fired today. He was yet another free speech casualty. Sadly, at 85, I can't see him getting another job given his politics. He basically got fired for saying immigrants should honor Canadian Veterans and wear poppies.

It wasn't the first controversial thing Cherry had ever said on the air, but it shouldn't have been a fireable offense.


What if Altidore was healthy?

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