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So Sick of Talking About CNN (A)

11:11 AM 12/29/19

Also at 11:11 AM 12/29/19

The lead story at The Daily Mail (Couldn't get front page Headline in due to Ads)

"Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed reporters outside Rottenberg's home on Sunday morning and condemned the incident as an act of domestic terrorism" - Daily Mail


Now let's go back to CNN's story

"(Cuomo) vowed to propose a law that would make New York the first state to treat these types of incidents as domestic terrorism." - CNN

Editor's Note: Click on Headlines for links.

You notice the subtle difference in phrasing?

The Daily Mail is reporting the attack as Terrorism.

CNN is reporting that the Governor wants to change state laws.

I read both articles very closely again, and the tones are very different. Why beat on the CNN Piñata today? Because they don't want to call this specific instance terrorism. These incidents are "hateful" and "random attacks."

Why doesn't CNN want to call attacks on Jews terrorism?

Ah, ah, ah. You are going to trip and fall onto a beehive of world politics.....


4:15 PM 12/29/19

Very interesting. CNN has already moved on from the New York stabbings to the Texas shooter. The Drudge Report is all over U.S. Terrorism. Maybe we'll wait a day and see what happens.....

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