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Political Machines

Now that former Senator Joe Biden has won the South Carolina Democratic Primary, things are setting up very nicely for chaos at the Super Tuesday Primaries.

So far here's the score card for states won:

Sanders - 2

Buttigieg - 1

Biden - 1

That's only 4 states out of 50+ (D.C. and territories).

March 3, 2020

Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina

Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia all go to the ballot box.

That's 14 states.

If Warren can hold serve in Massachusetts....

If Bernie wins in the Northeast and California....

If Biden can continue his win streak in the Southeast...

And if Bloomberg can steal a state or two.....

Bam! A brokered convention. You know who does really, really bad at a brokered convention? Candidates who treat the Democratic Party as a revolving door (Sanders) and those who think they can buy the nomination (Bloomberg).

You know who does really well at brokered conventions? Party Line guys (Biden) and Party Line gals (Klobucher). Now you are asking yourself, "what is your point?"

Ah, I'm glad you asked.....


About 2 months ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said "In any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party." It was meant to be a shot at Joe Biden, but it (again) showed Ocasio-Cortez's lack of...well, knowledge in general.

There are 2 giant corporations in America known as the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Their jobs are to elect candidates to government offices. Money pours into their coffers and they redistribute said money into campaigns based on a number of criteria. Candidates gravitate to one side or the other based on vague political principles that sometimes, but not always, relate to liberalism or conservatism. Every once in a while, someone like Jeff Van Drew make a publicity grab and switches parties.

The party's philosophies evolve through time and they are beholden to no one. The prime goal of both political entities is the preservation of the party. Not the preservation of the republic. Not the preservation of the constitution. Self-preservation of the party through winning elections.

That is why Ocasio-Cortez is so amusing. She wishes there was somewhere in America where she could go where others think like her. Hmmm.

She penned the GREEN New Deal.

She supports GREEN policies.

Too bad there wasn't a GREEN Party she could join. Oh wait, there is? It has existed since 2001? The Democratic Party is a big tent and Joe Biden has been a good Moderate Democrat forever. But for those who try to lurch the party to the left, then whine to the media that Democrats suck, they truly do have another path. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could have run for Congress under the Green Banner, but you know what would have happened? She would have lost. She compromised her principles in order to get into elected office.

Likewise, that's also why Bernie Sanders is so amusing. He wishes there was a place in America where he could go where others think like him. Hmmm.

Sanders admits to SOCIALIST tendencies.

He supports SOCIALIST policies.

Too bad there wasn't a SOCIALIST Party he could join. Oh wait, he's a Democratic Socialist. That's much better. (Not really.) Bernie Sanders compromised his principles in order to fit into the Democrat Machine in order to have a chance to get elected. Sanders could have very easily won the nomination of the Socialist Party and been on every Presidential Ballot in America. But what would that have gotten him? .75% of the vote? .9% of the vote?

Anyone in the United States can run for president (i.e. Vermin Supreme),

but for a hundred years only the nominees of the 2 major parties have had real shots of winning presidential elections. And every 4 years it gets worse. See, the narrative is, in America, you vote against people. I believe in voting for people. In 2016, my positions most aligned with Gary Johnson's. I went on the record as to why I was voting for Johnson, and I was crystal clear that I voted for a person and not against a person.


And you know who else wasted their votes? 65 million bitter Hillary Clinton voters. My candidate didn't win and their candidate didn't win.

But this isn't a missive against the Left, Bill Weld left the Libertarian fold to try the same exact thing in the Republican party. He is currently getting his head handed to him in the Republican primaries. What was Weld's plan for victory? Hope Trump gets coronavirus? Even that scenario wouldn't have worked, because the Republicans would have had their own brokered convention and would have nominated someone like Party Line Pence or Party Line Ben Carson.

The way to really change things in America is to unite behind a candidate based on ideas. Like many evil corporations, the Democrats and Republicans have no interest in letting that happen. Both of their business plans dictate winning every other election from the local level all the way up to the presidency for the rest of time. And every 4 years they continue to beat the drum that anything other than a Democratic Vote or Republican Vote is a Wasted Vote.

Ask Ralph Nader how much fun it is to stand up to giant corporations.


Don't give me this Bernie is an Independent crap. He uses the Democratic Party when he sees fit and declares himself independent for street cred. In his defense, he is using the Party when so many others get used by the Party.

And you know who else used the Party instead of the Party using them? Some guy named Donald Trump.


Addendum 3-4-20:



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