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Miscellaneous (Kidney Stone Edition)

Lots of down time the last two days while waiting for my Kidney Stone Diagnosis (Part II). Now that I am on powerful pain medication, I have lots of opinions that I don't necessarily have the wherewithal to turn into real articles.


CNN is aghast that Tulsi Gabbard is still running. CNN can suck it. When Dennis Kucinich's campaign was polling at 1 or 2% back during the back end of the 2004 Presidential Primaries and was mathematically eliminated from winning the Democratic Nomination, CNN still gave him a platform for his important liberal ideas.

CNN arguing that this election is too important to give Gabbard a platform....

Again, CNN is not a wing of the Democratic Party. (Technically)


I was thinking to myself, just this weekend, "why isn't Bernie Sanders more popular with Black Voters? Wasn't Martin Luther King Jr. a socialist?"

Then it was like excellent writer John Blake was reading my mind: Socialism appeals to many black voters. But that's not helping Bernie. Here's why. Blake's point was that tomorrow blacks want revolution, today they just want to beat Trump.

I still think of Bernie Sanders as a flim flam man and I think many other Americans feel the same way.


The Pope urges priests to visit coronavirus sufferers - Daily Mail (UK)

Also on the same day.....

Pope celebrates Mass in the Vatican alone on livestream amid Italy's lockdown - Daily Mail (UK)

Man, that's a bad look for the Pope.


Black Flag Hoping This Is the Year They Finally Get to Open for Flag - The Hard Times

Yes, I know the article is parody, that's why it's so funny. Then I had a somber moment, because the more I thought about it, I realized that most great punk bands hate each other.


A week ago, eliminated their comments section. I asked them on their Facebook Page if they were going to take the money they saved from paying Viafoura to moderate their comments section and re-invest that money into paying for more reporters.

In hindsight, that was a funny question. Why?


A few weeks back we wrote about the expansion Rochester Lancers in the MASL. Surprisingly they won their first game this past weekend to move to 1-21. More surprisingly, they were led to that victory by their coach (now player-coach) Doug Miller. I saw Doug Miller help lead the Cleveland Crunch to a NPSL Title back in the '95-'96 season.

The above photo is right after a great goal, his second of the night, that helped Rochester upset the Kansas City Comets 9-7.

50 year old Doug Miler.


How come Jamie Vardy isn't a household name like Messi or Ronaldo?

Jamie Vardy has been in the Top 20 in Premier League Goals for the past 5 years and he has a Premier League Title for Leicester City.

Seriously. I don't know the answer.


This graphic pisses me off to no end. I have seen this posted on the local Facebook Page and multiple friends have shared it. YOU ARE MISSING THE FUCKING POINT!

The Chinese "controlled" the virus by suspending civil liberties (not that they had any to begin with) and basically instituted martial law. They didn't use those terms, of course, they used the terms containment and quarantine. There are still Chinese missing and unaccounted for today. Where did they go? What is happening in Italy now is what will be happening in the USA in two weeks.

When the pandemic hits America, its health systems will be overwhelmed. 99% of the American population will live, I understand that coronavirus is nothing but a bad flu, but its citizens have to slow the spread until the vaccine can be manufactured. In the age of Social Media, America is not ready for a pandemic where the government strictly controls its movements and America is not ready for piles of body bags in hospital hallways. In a normal flu season, there is not an inundation of highly contagious patients all at the same time with pneumonia complications.

If your first wave of health care workers go down, who is volunteering to work in those hospitals? There's already a shortage of health care workers now. You are going to have to use the military as patchwork medical personnel. How do you think that's going to go over?


You know who Bob Arum reminds me of? Joe Cabot from Reservoir Dogs.

Why? Because fictional Joe Cabot was a street criminal that ran a low level crime ring.

Bob Arum is basically a street criminal that ran a multi-million dollar crime ring. He is one of the vermin who ran the sport of boxing right into the ground. This weekend Bob Arum said that fellow combat sport "MMA is garbage and junk," and then compared MMA to "guys rolling around like homosexuals."

If Bob Arum wasn't already 120 years old and he hadn't ruined boxing already, that quote would have made more news.


Ted and I had a bad boss named Steve that didn't think a problem existed until it affected him personally. Not the people around him, Steve specifically. Why do I mention that today????

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