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My Libertarian Fantasy

I just closed my eyes and my mind drifted....

Justin Amash just announced that America is under siege from the 2 political parties that base their policies on their own self-serving interests. So he is running as a Libertarian....

The Michigan Representative quickly starts polling at 3-5%...

Donald Trump, seeing a challenge on the right side of the isle as bad for his re-election bid, tries to goad Bernie Sanders into the presidential race. Sanders does not take the bait. Republicans like Thomas Massie (Ken.) begin to jump ship and endorse Amash. Unable to hold their collective noses at Donald Trump's endless shenanigans, those who view Donald Trump as a simply untenable entity take to the Libertarian option, party be damned.

John McCain was a "Maverick" for reaching across the aisle. A Maverick in 2020 will be defined as a politician willing to put the country above a political party.

Election Day comes and Joe Biden curb stomps Donald Trump 55% to 30% in the general election. Justin Amash garners 15% of the vote and the day after the 2020 election he announces he is running for president as the Libertarian Candidate in 2024.

He reaches for a microphone a week after the 2020 presidential election and says something to this effect "in 2024 you will have 3 choices:

Choice #1 will be the Democrats. They will think that they will have an edict to push the country to the left. In reality, they will be saddled with crippling debt and will continue to believe that government is the solution, when they are part of the problem.

Choice #2 will be the Republicans. A party that was left in tatters because they were about populism instead of ideas. Republicans will push that their brand of government is the solution, when they are the other part of the problem.

Choice #3 will be the Libertarians. A party that will give you a firm and clear governing alternative. Less federal government, withdrawal from foreign wars, and a commitment to reinforce state's rights. A federal government that steps away from the forefront of society. A government that works for the people instead of a people beholden to the government."

Then Justin Amash will have 4 years to make some hay.

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