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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I have been writing about the coronavirus since January of this year.

At this point, I am overwhelmed with all of the really bad takes that are out there right now.


Bad Take #1: This is China's Fault.

Yes, this is China's Fault. I've written about this ad nauseam. Multiple outlets have written about this on thousands of occasions. Very few news sites have ignored this fact at this point. But, at the end of April, Donald Trump should not still be screaming it's China's Fault. We all know this. WHAT DO WE DO NOW? Trump, today, is beating a dead horse to deflect from his short-comings in Constitutional Law. You have to look forward to solutions in the now, and not what China should have done in January. TOO LATE NOW.

Bad Take #2: This is Black Genocide.

Ummmm, AP says there is a possible contrast in deaths by race, but then says "race information missing in 75% of the victims." Technically coronavirus is Italian Genocide, Spanish Genocide, English Genocide, etc. To call coronavirus a black genocide in America is the left attempting to hijack the narrative of what is going on at ground level.

100% of the victims in Wuhan were Chinese.

Bad Take #3: Liberate (Your State Here)

Unfortunately, there's a backlash in America coming from those who think that science is the devil. No group of people, anywhere, agree on everything. They just don't. And even in groups that do agree, often people don't agree, but are afraid of being shamed for their minority opinion.

With that being said, I noticed, about 2 weeks ago, a surge online of people screaming, "let us work" and "open up Ohio." In my mind, that percentage of people was around 10%. But after following local city forums and local news reports, I fear that the percentage is closer to 50%.

Their number one argument? The Models were wrong. Of course they're wrong idiots, because we made them wrong. You and me. We socially distanced and stopped going to sporting events and concerts. We bent the curve, that was the whole point of shutting things down. From the start, it wasn't about curing the coronavirus, it was about buying time and slowing the spread.

Doctors were able to discern what worked, what didn't work, and, with the exception of a few large cities being inundated, the health systems at large didn't collapse. When the coronavirus swept into America, the death rate was at an estimated at 2%. American ingenuity helped curb that rate to an, again estimated, death rate of around .5%. Doctors were fighting the virus in real time without the luxury of citing medical studies.

The Liberate Ohio people seem to think that they were tricked into staying at home because more people didn't die. They want to go back to life as normal. Yeah, so does every other citizen. Before I slide into an endless rant, I'll just share 2 Memes that I found poignant:

Don't Ever Say You're Pro-Life Again


You Say You Want to Open Up This Country During the Coronavirus Event

Due to Economic Duress


Bad Take #4: The Democrats Will Do Anything to get Trump out of Office.

There was no master plan by the Democratic Party to use the coronavirus to get rid of Trump. Are they using the coronavirus now? Of course they are, that's the Democrats' method of operation. And, in turn, Donald Trump is trying to use the coronavirus against certain Democratic State Governors.

Bad Take #5: Anything that comes out of Alex Jones' Piehole.

As a free speech website, it is very hard to say anyone shouldn't have free speech, but nearly every single thing coming out of Alex Jones' mouth is reprehensible.

Alex Jones acting like Paul Revere makes me want to vomit. Talking about Alex Jones make me feel dirty.

Bad Take #6: Hillary Clinton would have stopped the coronavirus.

No American politician has kowtowed to the Chinese Government more than the Clintons. Trump's crimes were that he simply didn't pay attention. Trump himself has touted that once he cared, he tried to institute a travel ban from China.

If Hillary Clinton was president, she would have originally paid more attention to the plight in China, but instead of trying a travel ban, she would come out against singling out a trade partner during an epidemic. Her failures would have been different and the coronavirus would have still gotten here.

If Clinton were president, I could hear the echoes of a defeated Donald Trump screaming that Hillary didn't do enough to stop the coronavirus.

See how that game is played?

Bad Take #7: 5G and the coronavirus.

Even as I type, I can't believe that this is a thing. There are so, so, so many things wrong with this theory. Very basic scientific facts that are simply ignored, like 5G can't create viruses.

Bad Take #8: There is no other Local News.

Local outlet has been BEGGING for money. It's not just me being a jerk:

Only $10 a month to subscribe and to support local journalism. The argument from the website is that coronavirus is now the only game in town and they're losing advertising revenue. I'm not saying that is lying, I take them at their word. But the argument that now that Cavs games are cancelled, Indians games are cancelled, and there's not a lot of Browns news, so the website is bleeding money, uh....

Let me help poor out. They need to merge and streamline operations between and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. That's been the endgame for a while now. Instead of the slow burn that's been going on for a decade, might as well rip the rest of that bandage off. is trying to blame the business failures of the Newhouse Family on the coronavirus? You can't run a news website based off of 3 sports teams.

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