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A Libertarian Christmas

Rarely does Karma strike with such conviction....

Earlier in the day, partisan hacks Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon were both fired.

What did the Drudge Report say?

Spot on. Nice job by Matt Drudge. I would have used a split screen, but we're splitting hairs.

What did CNN say?

As close to even handed reporting as CNN is going to get. CNN called Carlson a right wing extremist. Well, then Don Lemon was a left wing extremist. They were both political hit men for the Blue and Red teams.

And now, for the money shot.

What did FoxNews say?

Who's Tucker Carlson?




There's a reason we've only cited FoxNews twice in over a thousand articles. I may bash CNN, but I usually don't even LOOK at Fox.

Just 3 days ago, 3 million people watched Tucker Carlson on Fox. How do you ignore THAT?

A few publications have mentioned that Tucker Carlson considered himself a Libertarian.

Let's be crystal clear, Carlson hasn't been a Libertarian in a very long time. Which makes his lying-ass downfall all the sweeter.


1 Day Later

Addendum I: AP News - Tucker Who?

Addendum II: Bloomberg Law - Carlson and Lemon Hire Same Attorney

Nothing, and I mean nothing, sums up the game that the Democrats and Republicans play better than the Bloomberg Law story.

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