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Amber Heard Doesn't Listen

Here's the Depp/Heard Trial in a nutshell.

He hit me.

She hit me.

He's a menace.

She shit in the bed.

2 married people that probably had knock down, drag out fights asked a judge who was more at fault. A jury of their peers waded through the muck and mire and deemed HER more at fault and awarded him (net) $10 million.

Because Johnny Depp is now in his 38th year of making movies, even our friends at the Classic Hollywood Blog weighed in on the judgement.

Now, 2 weeks out from the verdict, I expected things to slowly dissipate, at least when it comes to news coverage. Nope, it's like the trial never ended.

Depp's Lawyers say he might WAVE Heard's Judgement - Daily Mail (Last Week.)

Long story short, Depp said that if Heard just shuts up and stops talking, he would wave judgement.

Amber Heard REPEATS claim that Johnny Depp Beat Her - Daily Mail (2 Days Ago.)

I Still Love Johnny Depp - Amber Heard - Daily Mail (Today.)





this trial by media will never end

Click link for lyrics.

It's like Joey Belladonna was singing right to Johnny Depp.

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