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An Excellent Read -or- Define Riots

The Federalist Story below might be the most important read of the year, because in a time where no one can even define what SCIENCE is, we are really struggling to define what a RIOTER is.

I've been following the news closely since I was about 10. (Yes, I know, I was a nerd.) And since the 1960's, the media has often skirted controversy by interviewing people on the wrong side of wars against America and protests against the police.

Somehow, someway, despite a proliferation of news outlets, there seems to be LESS interviews with "peaceful protesters" today. The picture above is not Eastern Ukraine, it is Portland. As a free speech site, we want to hear all points of views. That is not what's happening in the current climate.

The media often interviews those who are willing to fight and give them equal air time.

I remember that Dan Rather dressed up in traditional Afghani garb and interviewed the Freedom Fighters defending Afghanistan against the "evil" Russians in the 80's.

Then history showed America what a quagmire Afghanistan would become. When is the last time you saw a Taliban Commander interviewed? I just read an interview with the leader of the Taliban earlier this year on PBS.

What's going on in Portland and other hot spots in America is the classic bait and switch. During the day, CNN and other left leaning outlets interview the leaders of the peaceful protests and the leaders of Black Lives Matter. Then at night the riots take place and when the police and the Feds start to push back at the rioters, they are cursed for heavy handed tactics. The rioters are not being interviewed like the Peaceful Protesters......

But who are they? Well, it's not you, because you have a job. And it's not me, because I have a job. Let's speculate who these protesters are.


Listen, Anarchists have been around for hundreds of years. Intellectual Anarchists write long winded missives during the day, and then their network of followers chuck molotov cocktails at buildings at night. In defense of Anarchists, if there's a good riot, they show up to stoke the fires. THAT'S WHAT ANARCHISTS DO. Why isn't CNN interviewing the Anarchists? Because Anarchism does not generate sympathy from the America Populace.

Black Lives Matter:

If you watch CNN, and believe every word that they tell you, you would believe that the Black Lives Matter groups protest peacefully during the day, then they all go home at night and pray for strength against the evil police back at their homes at night. All the while a whole different set of random protesters show up for a second shift of protesting to stir up trouble. Guess what? If CNN interviewed the nighttime rioters, they would find some overlap which doesn't fit the narrative of peaceful protesting.


Trump says they're terrorists.

The Left says they're heroes and there's no riots.

Your group motto is fighting Fascists in the Streets, but you're going to stay home when the so-called "Fascist Feds" show up in Portland? I also find THAT very hard to believe.

The Bored & The Unemployed:

I'm 50. If I'm bored, I'm scouring the internet looking for ideas for my next story. At 20, I had some friends who were hoodlums. At 20, Young Fred may have lagged along to the riots to take some pictures and scream Anarchy while burning some energy. Not in the middle of the riots, mind you, but off to the side. Maybe light up a dumpster, I would have been too scared to really mix things up. If CNN interviewed bored kids in Oregon, throwing bricks at buildings because there's nothing good on TV, that doesn't fit the social justice narrative either.

[Editor's Note:

I used to play the video game Civilization 4 a lot. When you had Authoritarian Regimes, happiness was irrelevant. When you had Democratic Regimes, you grew faster and were more prosperous as long as you kept your citizens happy. There was an algorithm that determined your citizens' happiness. If your citizens were unhappy, guess what happened? Less productivity and civil unrest. An oversimplification of what's happening in America is that Covid-19 changed the American Happiness Algorithm with the Murder of George Floyd being the spark.]

Right-Wing Counter-Protesters:

Just this week: Conservative Journalist Stabbed in Portland Protests

Why isn't CNN interviewing that guy who was attacked for being a citizen journalist? (You know why.) In order to have a really good riot, you need some Right Wing knuckle draggers to show up wearing Confederate Flag masks. That way there's some random violence splattered amongst the waves of violence.

How do I know the MAJORITY of the rioters are Left-Wingers? Because if the extremists were on the Right, then CNN would be broadcasting that the Police need to stem the tides of White Supremacy in major cities. 2 people wear Swastika Masks to a Wal-Mart in Minnesota and CNN has front page headlines. That's how you can tell that the rioters in Urban Centers are on Team CNN.


A not-so-excellent read:

Not a movement, but a walk of life. Sadly, James cannot distinguish from being Black and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Let me help him out.

Black Lives Matter is reactionary group against police brutality. "But Fred, the police need to be held accountable." Yes, I agree. Libertarians have been saying this for a generation. Every time Libertarians tried to initiate change, I would read "what have you Libertarians been doing wrong?" And, inevitably the subject of Marijuana would come up. I do not abuse drugs, and I only half-heartedly support the legalization of Marijuana. But Libertarianism's dirty little secret is that every hard-core Libertarian I have ever met is secretly a pot-head.....

Editor's Note:

Are you going somewhere with this story?

Sorry, I am. I am white. Let's pretend that one of my white-Libertarian friends was caught with a large amount of pot and was pulled over by the police. In the process of his arrest, he was murdered like George Floyd. If the group White Lives Matter came and wanted to me to join their group, I would be very, very leery. I would explain that Police Brutality is an issue that affects all races. White Lives Matter would explain that I don't understand, more whites die by police than Blacks in America and it's time to stand up and burn down our local metropolis to show people that we're serious.

"But Black Lives Matter says that more Blacks die at the hands of police." I would reply.

White Lives Matter says technically that's false. More whites die at the hands of police by numbers, but in the fine print Black Lives Matter says that PROPORTIONATE to the population ratios, more Blacks die at the hands of the police. And BLM manipulates some numbers, when you see the category Minorities Killed by Police, that includes Blacks, Hispanics, Native-Americans and Asian Americans.

I would snarkily reply, "if my friend was half Hispanic, should I also call Hispanic Lives Matter?"

Which, again, illustrates the problematic nature of naming your group Black Lives Matter. There is no bigger social justice warrior in the world than LeBron James. [As long as the specific slice of social justice is White Policeman killing a Black Citizen.]

Just yesterday, a white man was killed by a white police officer in my hometown of Brunswick, Ohio. The victim had schizophrenia and had just killed his Mother. Do I know the details of the case? No, because it barely even made the local news. The cases that hit the national headlines, like the case of Breonna Taylor, fit a certain narrative that the far-left in America are trying to advance: Defunding the police. How do you defund the police? By painting all policemen as racists, even if 99% of them are not.

There simply needs to be police reform, period. I'm going to say it for the One Hundredth Time: Being a Police Officer in America is a SHITTY JOB. In order to solve the problem of Police Brutality, you need MORE police officers, not less. The more cops you have, the less stress for the remaining cops. If you have more cops walking the beat, so to speak, small problems are less likely to escalate into larger problems. If there's more cops, they aren't already stressed before they move onto the next situation, they aren't being pulled in multiple directions at once. If you hire more Black cops, there'll be less racial tensions in Urban communities. Right now cops are stressed. Stressed cops make mistakes. You don't make cops less stressed by taking away their resources and their pay. You also need a system to weed out bad cops. No matter what profession, philosophically, you need to try to attract good people to your business and weed out the sour apples inside of your business. If you use the Police as a business model example, you have to have levers to discharge cops that just don't get it. Today, some bad cops keep their jobs because of simple math. If you get rid of the "bad" cops, but don't have anyone to replace them with, now your police force is short handed. The crappier it is to be a cop, the harder it becomes to recruit "good" cops.

You can't say that the majority of Peaceful Protesters shouldn't be painted with a broad brush because only a minority of them are rioting....

Then turn around and say that a majority of cops are bad because a minority are racist.

[I'll be right back, White Lives Matter is knocking on my door regarding that Brunswick Story.]


Saw this ad on Drudge Report. There is a reason Mr. Jones is "The Most Censored Man in the World." It is because he is a dangerous idiot. He is the figurative rioter lobbing explosives at buildings while peaceful free speech websites question "what the hell are you doing?"

Editor's Note II:

We are warning you, you're going to want to stop reading right here.

Alex Jones is right on the line of Right-WIng Hate that needs to be censored. His initial take on Sandy Hook was outside the bounds of Free Speech.

With that being said, there are a lot of Alex Jones Defenders out there. Which makes me very skittish. Anyhow, let me give you a filthy example as to why Jones is NOT a victim of cancel culture.

Let's say that I had a diarrhea fetish. (I don't, but work with me here). Say I came into some money and decided to stop writing about Unions, Music, LeBron, Covid 19, everything. I am dedicating my life to writing about diarrhea fetishes from every possible angle.

I take my newfound cash and try advertising on some websites and they say "what is your content?" I answer "diarrhea fetish."

They say "your money is no good here" and turn me away.

Say I continued, I want to be the Diarrhea Fetish King. I rename Beacon of Speech, Diarrhea Fetish Homeland. All content revolves around issues considered way outside of the bounds of polite society. I start a Podcast and Apple bans it immediately. Now, instead of re-assessing my life choices, I go all in. I complain to anyone that will listen that DFH is being banned. Companies from around the country, as varied as YouTube to TikTok, are kicking me off of their platforms as soon as I ad content.

Every time I'm banned, I scream even louder. DFH's rights are being infringed!

As I run out of platforms to promote my content, instead of being retrospective, I just continue to get louder and louder. "The American people demand a DF Homeland!!" Even as court decisions go against DFH, I yell at my lawyers that I am a Free Speech Martyr. The few outlets that allow my content help me proclaim that I am The Most Censored Man in the World. Why would they do that? Not because I'm a free speech champion, but because my check didn't bounce.

At some point, people around America would have to say "where is DFH's money coming from?"

And at some point, people around America have to say "where is InfoWars' money coming from?"

Money should not dictate Free Speech.


I know I have said this in other articles, but I can't find the reference. I've been listening to Punk Music since the Ramones' Do You Remember Rock 'N" Roll Radio?

I remember the Dead Kennedys singing about Police Brutality in 1979. (Police Truck)

And the Dicks singing about Police Brutality in 1980. (Hate the Police)

Sorry to beat this drum again, but it is often how much that is in your bank account that is the determining factor as to your treatment by the police.

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