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....And CNN is the Other Half of the Problem

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I am a libertarian that voted for Jo Jorgensen for President. My website is often critical of Donald Trump, but it is more critical to the 2 party duopoly in America. I am not a fan of the Bull-in-a-China-Shop Donald Trump OR career politician Joe Biden, but CNN's coverage of the Inauguration bordered on the offensive. About 81 million people voted for the Joe the Democrat and about 74 million people voted for Trump the Populist Republican. Before the Capitol Riot, I would say that of all the adults I have had conversations with, their choices for President were split about 50/50. (I have 1 libertarian friend.)

So on Inauguration Day, CNN celebrated like this country was just liberated from a dictator. You think I'm using hyperbole?

A Goodbye Letter for the Anti-President from Michael D' Antonio: Longer than a normal article, D' Antonio wrote a pamphlet about "racist, bigot" Donald Trump. D' Antonio plies Trump with negative adjectives in every single paragraph. Trump didn't do one thing right in 4 years.

Finally I Can Unclench my Jaw and Exhale from Jill Filipovic: Scathing article on how Trump killed 400,000 Americans and didn't do one thing right in 4 years.

Did That Really Just Happen?: CNN asked 16 of their top political analysts, 14 democrats and 2 republicans, their thoughts about the Inauguration and all 16 agreed that Biden is going to unite this country and thank God Trump is Gone! Who wouldn't agree with the top political analysts in America? Trump didn't do one thing right in 4 years.

Now America Can Inspire the World Again, and then 20 more anti-Trump articles. Not one article defending Trump. Not one article thanking Trump. Not one article about Trump supporters sad that Trump was leaving.

Not one.

Again, I cannot stress this enough, I am not a fan of Trump, but CNN masquerades as a news channel. CNN trotted out 40-50 analysts in the past 2 days and all but one agreed Biden was awesome. (One solitary dissenting voice? Biden isn't Liberal enough.)

CNN wants the government to reflect the makeup of people, but CNN doesn't represent a cross section of Americans. According to the latest Gallup Poll, 25% of America are Republicans, 31% of America are Democrats, and 41% of America are Independents. It doesn't matter what CNN's staff LOOKS LIKE, they all THINK THE SAME, and that's in the 31%. If CNN had journalistic integrity, which they don't, they would gear their content to the 41% and then get perspectives from both sides.

If you asked me if Trump did anything right in the last 4 years, I can say yes, he didn't start any wars. For all of his bombast with North Korea, Iran, or Russia, we didn't actually start any new fights. If anything, Democrats accused Trump of pulling out too fast in Syria.

See? How hard was that?

In today's Daily Mail: We Don't Want Biden. We Want Revenge for Police Murders, Imperialist Wars, and Fascist Massacre. Antifa Mob Smash up Portland's Democratic Party HQ, Burn US Flags in Denver, and Run Riot in Seattle in Protest at Biden Presidency.

What? There's still left-wing riots and CNN isn't reporting on them? There was a small army protecting the Capitol from right-wing riots and I have to get the whole story from Great Britain?

What we need to do in this country is draw a rioting line.....


If you do a deep-dive into voter numbers in the state of Georgia, you'll notice no hate or vitriol toward Jo Jorgensen despite her receiving more votes than the margin between Trump and Biden. You know why you don't? Because when the candidate that CNN wants to win comes out on top (Biden), the process works. When the candidate comes out on top that CNN doesn't want to win, Bush or Trump (the first time), it's time to scrap the electoral college, those damn third party candidates, or the voters weren't educated.

Trump tried to de-legitimize Biden's election in the same way CNN tried to de-legitimize the winners in 2000 and 2016. If CNN really wanted to unify in this country, they would start by apologizing to people like Ralph Nader, because Trump vilifying entities for his loss is straight out of the CNN playbook.


CNN Reports: LeBron James Supports Lakers White House Visit After Biden/Harris Inauguration.

Guess what? Too late. Partisan LeBron James almost single-handedly killed the tradition of NBA Champs going to the White House. Whoever wins the Championship in 2021 can decide whether or not to restart the tradition.


Update 1/26/21

In Case You Still Don't Get How CNN is Half the Problem:

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