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Beacon of Speech For Rent

We here at Beacon of Speech were founded in 2016, in part, to promote our independent movie Blasphemers. Beyond that, we had absolutely no plan. None whatsoever. I just kept writing about what was on my mind. About once a week, I would bounce ideas off Ted. About once a month, I would confirm that Joe K wasn't dead.

So imagine my surprise when Axios, who were also founded in 2016, but instead by respected journalists, reported this: Dark Money News Outlets Outpacing Local Daily Newspapers.

How can that be? As I started to write, I was going to bash on local nemesis, but then I thought to myself "screw them, I got a lottery ticket in my hand."

I then had a brief talk with my conscience. I told it to shut up.


Send us your Blank Checks, we will write in the monetary amount later. We'll write up an article, like, how Donald Trump is Jesus' Little Brother, paving the way for Big Brother to Return!!!

You want Trump as an Angel Narrative? You got it!

You want Trump as a Benevolent Peace-Loving Alien? We can do that!

You want Trump as Einstein reincarnated? We can make that work!

I have a sign, whipped up at the last minute and written in sloppy magic marker, in front of the house. We are ready to go. Ted is okay with the concept as long as his name is on the check also.

What are we selling? We have the APPEARANCE of a real website. We have had 2-3 articles a week for the last 8 years. We have a core philosophy (free speech tenets protected by the 1st Amendment.) Let us, help you, spend that money that is burning holes in your pockets. We will suspend OUR content until election day, and focus on....


Whatever you pay us to focus on.


What's ironic is, when creating this story, I put it in the Failure Category. Because I have a dark sense of humor, every time I fail, it's at least a little bit funny.

Also in the news today-

"The researchers also found that participants wrongly assumed people focus on their mistakes and learn from them after failure." 


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