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CNN's Blind Spot

The headlines screamed at the Drudge Report, 11:40 PM on August 3, 2021:

Attorney General: Kinky Cuomo Harassed Women

As the Right circles the Cuomo Political Corpse like sharks, the Left is playing a very interesting game. The game of Plausible Deniability. Stories are now starting to flood CNN like they are shocked, like Cuomo was an obscure politician from Omaha that no one has ever heard of and CNN is breaking a brand new story. From CNN's own Facebook Feed:

8:45 PM Allegations Made Me Sick to My Stomach - SE Cupp at CNN

9:45 PM Andrew Cuomo Indefensibly Treats Women Like Don Draper did on Mad Men - Paul Callen at CNN

10:00 PM Gov. Cuomo's Cringeworthy Defense - Jennifer Waters at CNN

11:00 PM Cuomo's Political Power No Longer Comes with Impunity - Kara Alalmo at CNN

11:45 PM The Cuomo Brothers: Report Places a New Spotlight on a Special Relationship - Brian Stelter at CNN Business

I responded to the Cupp story specifically because it was so galling.

"I find it very hard to believe that SE Cupp and the others at CNN didn’t know about this. They feign indignity, but we’re not talking about the governor of Nebraska. We’re talking about a high profile governor who just happens to be the brother of a high profile CNN personality. They are denying culpability to protect their own careers and CNN." - Me on Facebook

And I want to take it a step further using a local analogy. I have stated before, that I live near Cleveland, Ohio. Let's say that I worked at as a journalist. And let's say one of the other reporters was the Governor's Brother. You don't think certain members of the newsroom would have an inside scoop as to what was going on in Columbus? In a room full of journalists, I find it hard to believe no one would try to garner access that an ordinary journalist wouldn't have. I know I would want an availability to the Governor in that scenario.

Remember, local Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Connie Schultz resigned from the Cleveland Plain Dealer when her husband Sherrod Brown was elected to the Senate in order to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. Chris Cuomo did no such thing.

Remember, CNN didn't break the Cuomo story. They are reacting to the report by the Attorney General. Big difference.

Either some CNN journalists knew about Governor Cuomo's bad behavior and sat on it. (BAD ETHICS.)

Or some CNN journalists were genuinely shocked about Governor Cuomo's bad behavior. (BAD JOURNALISM.)

The question is, who at CNN knew and who didn't. It appears obvious that, at the very minimum, that Chris Cuomo knew of his Brother's behavior.

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