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CNN Thinks Israel Deserves It

At the end of the day on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, this was the front page of

CNN thinks the lead story of the day is Liz Cheney, then gas shortages, then a Colombian Protest Leader's Death, and then Israel, more or less in that order.

On a day where 800 missiles were launched into a sovereign nation (Israel), by a militant group (Hamas), CNN's coverage seemed to be limited.

What does AP News think?

If I was the editor of a news site, I would have encapsulated the day almost exactly the same as AP.

Replace the word Israel with almost any other sovereign nation on the planet, and then replace the word Hamas with almost an other militant group on the planet. That story of a sovereign nation being hit with 800 rockets in a 24 hour period would scream from the headlines at CNN.

Liz Chaney's plight is barely registering on the national consciousness.

Why isn't CNN covering the Israeli crisis more closely? Because they think Israel deserves it.

Maybe someone should hold CNN's feet to the fire and demand they go on record that Israel has a right to exist. Maybe, as Tel Aviv is under attack, CNN should explain why they aren't covering the capital of Israel more closely.


Depending on your point of view, you may be wanting to explain to me the atrocities that Israel has inflicted on their neighbors-

I'm going to stop you right there and break it down as basic as basic gets.

Just like a Mad Libs:

_(Today's Date)_ , over 800 rockets were launched into the sovereign nation of _(Country)_ . The rockets came from outside of the country from positions established by _(Militant Group)_ .

Over 100 of those rockets were aimed at _(Country's Capital)_ .

There are civilian deaths and mass casualties.

That is a lead story in almost all cases.



Oh, and why isn't CNN talking about Lod?

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