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Crack Addict Trump Supporters

Back in the Fall of 2016, insane Clinton supporters like Ken Sullivan in Cleveland, implored members of the electoral college to ignore the will of the people and to vote for Hillary using their "conscience."

It was the first time I read about the loser in a Presidential Election using shenanigans to try to overturn election results. (At least since the Bush v Gore LawyerFest of 2000.) As the events of January 6, 2021 have shown us, Trump Supporters have upped the shenanigans ante tenfold.

Listen closely.

By no metric whatsoever did Trump win the 2020 election.

Biden won the popular vote BY A TON.

Biden won the electoral college vote BY A LARGE MARGIN.

I have said before, the internet is saturated with Trump haters. SATURATED. I usually do not feel the need to pile on in reference to Trump's defeat.

But I cannot let this last attempt to circumvent election results stand. While Trump himself was enjoying a night out watching UFC 264, his supporters in a group called Patriots SOAR were circulating a 7 point plan to reinstate Trump in Days, not Years.

The Patriots SOAR plan is Fiction. Pure Fiction. If you see a member of their group, please refer them to the local authorities because they are high on crack and are menaces to society.

According to the the United States Constitution, the EARLIEST Trump could be returned to the Presidency would be 2023.

And a lot of shady stuff would have to happen.

Unrealistic Fact #1: Trump would have to run for Congress, and win his district, in 2022. Where's his home district? Trump ain't getting elected to Congress from New York. He would have to run in Florida.

Unrealistic Fact #2: Trump would then have to be elected Speaker of the House of Representatives. That would only happen if the the House swung back to Republican control in 2022. Right now the House is run by the Democrats.

Unrealistic Fact #3: If Trump became Speaker of a Republican House, he would still only be #3 on the Presidential Depth Chart. In order to become President again, Biden and Harris would both have to die/be removed from office, AT THE SAME TIME.

Unrealistic Fact #4: Say Biden was impeached and removed from office. Harris would become the new President, then Harris would chose a new Vice-President. Trump would not move from #3 to #2 once the new Vice-President was announced. Same thing if Harris was out of office for any reason.

If all the unrealistic dominoes fell above, the very earliest Trump could be in office would be Spring of 2023. If Trump ran for President again the traditional way in 2024, he could be back in office in January of 2025, depending how the election results turned out.

The 2024 Presidential Election is a long way off and a lot of things can happen. What cannot happen is President Trump in 2021. There are no mechanisms that allow for that scenario in the Constitution.


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