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Criminals LOVED Lori Lightfoot

You see that map above? That is a zoom view of the near-West side of Chicago from the city's own website.

According to, these are the 5 worst neighborhoods in Chicago

1. West Garfield Park

2. Washington Park

3. East Garfield Park

4. Englewood

5. North Lawndale

All 5 neighborhoods are so violent, you had about a 1 in 8 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. Simple math, if you live in a four person household, someone in your house had a 1 in 2 chance of being the victim of a violent crime.

Now if you go to the New York Times election results, incumbent mayor Lori Lightfoot came in third place in yesterday's primary vote. The top two places move on to the final vote, meaning Lighfoot is out. Here's the top 5:

Paul Vallas 34%

Brandon Johnson 20%

Lori Lightfoot 17%

Jesus Garcia 14%

Willie Wilson 10%

Now let's take a sample of the top 3 vote-getters from those 5 worst neighborhoods:

Ward 28 / Precinct 23

Lori Lightfoot 54%

Willie Wilson 27%

Brandon Johnson 11%

Ward 20 / Precinct 9

Lori Lightfoot 34%

Willie Wilson 27%

Brandon Johnson 17%

Ward 28 / Precinct 8

Lori Lightfoot 40%

Willie Wilson 24%

Brandon Johnson 20%

Ward 6 / Precinct 4

Lori Lightfoot 40%

Willie Wilson 24%

Brandon Johnson 13%

Ward 24 / Precinct 4

Lori Lightfoot 43%

Willie Wilson 25%

Brandon Johnson 16%

Now let me slap this disclaimer on my own article. I am from Cleveland, so some of the sample precincts may be partially outside of those neighborhoods due to my map reading skills. But if you click on the links, you can CLEARLY see that the city's most dangerous neighborhoods are all awash in green, the color assigned to Lightfoot.

Now google the richest neighborhoods in Chicago:

Ward 43 / Precinct 2

Paul Vallas 65%

Brandon Johnson 10.4%

Lori Lightfoot 10.2%

Ward 45 / Precinct 1

Paul Vallas 71%

Willie Wilson 8%

Brandon Johnson 7%

Jesus Garcia 6%

Lori Lightfoot 5%

Forest Glen is often cited as one of the SAFEST Chicago neighborhoods. So in a city awash in violence, the incumbent mayor only pulled about 1 in 20 votes in Forest Glen? That is historically bad.

And for those ready to play the Race Card, Lori Lightfoot came in third in Forest Glen amongst Black candidates.


Just a reminder, you can track shootings in Chicago,

  • By Neighborhood

  • By Fatality Rates

  • By Shot Placement

  • By Monthly and Yearly Trends

All at HeyJackass!

"Illustrating Chicago's Values"


Addendum 3/2/23

According to Myopian David Axelrod, Lori Lightfoot did a good job but was a victim of circumstance.

I am getting very tired of CNN blaming those in charge on the Right for problems, but those in charge on the Left have to deal with a complicated world.

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