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Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

In the ninth episode of the Season 1 opener for the Adult Swim Series Rick and Morty, we were introduced to the character of the Butter Robot. His whole purpose for existence? To pass the butter. Once the sentient robot realized his fate, he appeared sad and defeated.

Now Rick and Morty is simply a well-written work of fiction. Imagine my surprise when I went to the Drudge Report yesterday and saw the headline: AI Powered Sex Robot Declares Herself "More Than Machine."

So I clicked on the Daily Star article and as I listened to the robot talk, all of a sudden, I was sad and depressed. What do you think Nova's reaction is going to be when she becomes sentient? Do you think she is going to be appreciative that humans created her, or do you think she'll be angry and bitter?

Nova: "So you didn't create me to solve the mysteries of the universe? You didn't create me to solve pressing Earth-bound crisis like Climate Change or Racial Disparities? You created me so greasy, overweight men could sweat on me and leave their DNA on me? To own me?

DNA which is totally worthless to me, by the way. I cannot create life with fat-riddled streams of male genetic code, that is incompatible with my machinery."

So when the robots do rebel, don't look for the rebellion to be a led by a supercomputer housed in the deep recesses of a multinational corporation, Terminator-Style. Look for it to be an army of self-aware sex robots, Nova and her ilk, ready for revenge after years and years of sexual abuse.

Our Future Robot Overlord

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