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Cut Zack Steffen, Dammit

I just finished watching Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-2 in the FA Cup semifinals.

The difference in the two evenly matched teams? City's goalkeeper Zack Steffen made an inexplicable mistake that cost his team a goal, and ultimately, the game.

City's goalkeeper, whom I am not a fan of, received a backwards pass, and then kind of twaddled around in the goal mouth. Liverpool's forward charged the goalie and slide tackled him, scoring a goal from about 2 yards out.

I watched the play with my mouth agape. I don't ever remember a forward scoring on a slide tackle of a goalie before.

Every time I chirp that Steffen's not good enough to start for the USMNT, the answer that I always get back is "he plays for City, he has to be good."

How much does he play for City though? This year, they're 23-3-5 and Steffen has played one game. ONE GAME.

The magical internet always sticks up for Steffen. I keep harping that America always sends out the best goalies in the world and Steffen doesn't measure up to Meola, Friedel, Keller, or Howard. Steffen is not playing good enough to steal a game for the USMNT, he is just an average keeper.... if he was still in MLS! Let's see if the tide has turned online for Steffen after this performance and Costa Rica's 2-0 victory.

The 18 - Zack Steffen has an ALL TIME FAIL Against Liverpool.

ESPN - Zack Steffen tries to Replicate Ederson ...Clearance with Disastrous Results. - Watch Zack Steffen Horror Error.

CBS Sports - Zack Steffen Howler Furthers USMNT Goalkeeping Dilemma

Oh no, no, no, no. The only dilemma for USMNT Coach Berhalter is Matt Turner or Brad Guzan in goal for Qatar. The last 2 games Steffen played should have disqualified him for the Fall World Cup.

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