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Dean Obeidellah - Enemy of Free Speech Part II

This is the opening paragraph of Dean Obeidellah - Enemy of Free Speech...

IN 2018!

'I have been following CNN's Dean Obeidellah closely over the past year. He's another "progressive" who thinks Free Speech only applies to his side. Today he wrote on a topic and his interpretation of the subject was so terrible, I honestly can't believe I read the statements on CNN.'

What's got me so riled up today specifically? Obeidellah claims Marjorie Taylor Greene shouldn't have her free speech amplified.

For the record: Marjorie Taylor Greene is horrible. She is a far-right winger who dances on the free speech line. Then why am I defending her? Because she is a Congressperson. She is about as bad as "The Squad" is on the far-left.

Go to CNN's article: Why is ‘60 Minutes’ amplifying the views of Marjorie Taylor Greene? Every time Obeidallah mentions Greene's name, replace it with Ilhan Omar and her idiotic views. If I wrote Ilhan Omar shouldn't have free speech amplified as a member of Congress, the Woke Mob would torch my house. "Criticism of CBS for amplifying Greene has been swift and well-deserved even before the program aired," Obeidallah wrote.

Surprise, surprise, other Lefties jumped on the Obeidallah Bandwagon:

MSNBC: 60 Minutes Interview Should Have Never Happened

The Daily Beast: 60 Minutes: A Lesson in How Legacy Media Fails

Variety: Interview is a Failure on CBS

Huffington Post: We 'Fact Checked' 60 Minutes Interview

Media Matters: MTG Interview was a Journalistic Fail

Again, MTG is terrible, but if you're going to hold her feet to the fire, or try to de-amplify her speech, then you've got to do that for Congresspersons on both sides of the isle.

Listen, I am sick of calling Obeidallah a partisan hack, he is what he is. But how much do you think he's making for being a partisan hack? If my first article was 5 years ago, and he makes $100,000 a year, he's made half a million being a CNN tool. When I tried to look up his salary, it wasn't public record like a school district employee or a player on your favorite sports team.

In a perfect world, MTG and Omar would both be bloggers with only a dozen or so views and they'd have to work day jobs. Obeidallah would be peddling his schtick in Topeka, Kansas and he'd be worrying if he would be able keep his 20 grand a year journalism job at the Capital-Journal.

You know what? I had a really bad day at work. I'm going to bed at 8:30 and I'm going to make you listen to Phil Donahue drone on about Free Speech and see if you pick anything up.

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