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Deep Down the Lineup

Now that Covid is "over," Rock Festivals are back and in full swing

I would just like to make some comments about a few of the bands deep down the Blue Ridge lineup.

Thursday: Chelsea Grin

My kids saw Chelsea Grin at Van's Warp Tour, liked them, then met a few band members after their performance. The band signed anything put in front of them and my kids couldn't stop talking about how nice they were. I'm glad they're still around.

Friday: Anthrax

Teenager Scott Ian formed Anthrax 40 years ago and the band released their first album, Fistful of Metal, 37 years ago. Somehow Anthrax helped create thrash, became one of the biggest names in metal.... and has now become a Legacy Act.


In the year 2000, Nonpoint released one of their highest charting singles "What a Day." I really liked the song and even bought their album "Statement."

Unbeknownst to me, and many others I'm sure, is that Nonpoint is working on the 13th album. This is their latest single Ruthless.

Saturday: In Flames

In Flames also recently released their 13th album.

Didn't In Flames win a couple of Grammys? Yes they did. 2 of their albums went Gold in Sweden, when NO albums go Gold (let alone in Sweden.) Despite having a static lineup at the turn of the millennium, their sound controversially evolved. Curiously low in the lineup.


Avatar released their 8th album Hunter Gatherer during the pandemic.

They've been remarkably consistent, churning out albums every other year since their first EP demos and have released over 2 dozen videos.

Sunday: Drowning Pool

In 2001, Drowning Pool had one of the biggest singles of the year in Bodies. While on tour supporting their album Sinner, lead singer Dave Williams died of an underlying heart condition. Simple bad luck had derailed Drowning Pool in 2002. Since then, the band has released 5 more albums, with 3 different singers.

There's always a "what might have been" narrative with Drowning Pool, the rest of the band has stayed intact for 20 years.

Rev Run

In the mid-80's, there was no bigger rap act than Run DMC. After Jam Master Jay was murdered in 2002, Run DMC was kaput. Now that's the short version of the story, the long version is much, much more complicated.

But after Run DMC's demise, Joseph "Run" Simmons became a Reverend and then became a Reality TV star. Surprisingly, he's on tour now. I assume Reverend Run is doing Run DMC songs, I don't see a solo discography listed on his bio.

I had thought that Joseph Simmons may have run afoul of the law, but let's be very clear, that was his BROTHER Russell SImmons, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings.

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