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Define Riots (Part II) -or- Max Boot is a Dangerous Writer

"Democrats have the far left under control, while Republicans are being controlled by the far right" - Max Boot @ The Washington Post

A bigger lie may have never been told. Excuse my French, but what the fuck is Max Boot talking about? THE LEFT IS BURNING DOWN PORTLAND AND CHICAGO.

What is Boot's reference point?

Apparently a far-right group called QAnon is on the rise.

How do I know about QAnon?

Over the weekend I have read, at least, a half a dozen articles in Left-Leaning publications warning of the dangers of QAnon. Think I'm exaggerating?

QAnon Promotes Pedo-Ring Conspiracy Theories. Now They’re Stealing Kids - The Daily Beast

QAnon is Conspiratorial, Dangerous, and Growing - CNN

The Week QAnon Went Mainstream - The New York Times

With QAnon, Trump and other Republicans Head into the Sewer - CNN

Trump's QAnon Silence Gives "A Wink and a Nod" to Domestic Terrorism - Vanity Fair How QAnon Rode the Pandemic to New Heights - NBC News

The rise of QAnon: ‘Within a Couple Clicks, People go Down these Very Bad Paths - MSNBC

So I went to Wikipedia.....

Editor's Note: How many times do we have to tell you NOT to do that.

....And those QAnon people sound like real Right-Wing nutcases. But you know what sounds equally insane? Defunding the Police.

Is QAnon burning down any cities? No. I am sick and goddamn tired of the Left pretending that what is going on in this country is fine. Could, potentially, QAnon be a problem down the road? Absolutely. But the Max Boots' of the world are nothing short of propagandists. You cannot say that QAnon could potentially be a problem on the Right while the Left is burning down cities.








Let's pretend I was running for office on the Democrat ticket in 2018. My platform was defunding the police and not prosecuting rioters. I ain't getting elected to shit, not even if I'm running for Mayor of San Francisco. You cannot seriously be on the Left and warn about QAnon while major American cities, under Democrat leadership, burn.

Donald Trump is not a Nazi. He is not a far-right Winger. He is a right-leaning populist. Has he emboldened groups like QAnon? Absolutely, Is Trump a self-centered egomaniac? Absolutely, again. Am I voting for Donald Trump in the Fall? No way.

Editor's Note II: Fred warned you that if Biden picked Harris for VP, he was going to vote Jorgensen in his article "What if Biden Dies?"

But I understand why others would vote for Trump. In the middle of a pandemic, the Left decided that social justice was more important than a social distancing. Once the nation saw protestors in every major metropolitan area in the United States on the news, then conspiracy theories began to erupt on the internet.

One of my friends even screamed at me, "but Fred Hunt, we need justice for George Floyd. We can't wait for justice anymore!" Okay dear social justices warriors, where is Derek Chauvin right this second?

Derek Chauvin is in a jail cell. His wife left him as soon as that video his the press. If he gets the maximum sentence under the law, he will be in jail until he is 80 years old. For all intensive purposes, his life will be over. If you wanted to peacefully protest because Minneapolis dragged their feet before Chauvin was arrested, that would have been fine. But it's better for the DA to cross his t's and dot his i's before an arrest, than have a suspect get off on a technicality.

Then once Chauvin was in custody, it would have been helpful if everyone stayed home and saved their riot energy until after the pandemic. What's happening today is that Right-Wing protestors are starting to show up in places like Kalamazoo. They haven't been emboldened by Donald Trump, they've been emboldened by Democratic Mayors that have had permissive attitudes toward rioting. Guess what? When rioters that aren't on your Team show up to riot, all of a sudden rioting sucks.

If we weren't in a pandemic, maybe I would feel different about the rioters, but Jesus, I can't even go visit my parents without guilt that I could potentially give them coronavirus. What makes either side think that rioting right now is a good idea. Neither major party in America has their fringe followers under control. N-E-I-T-H-E-R. If you want to throw accusations at one side while not paying attention to the other, you are a partisan hack.

Exhibit A: Max Boot


All the while, The Federalist is decrying the attack on churches in America:

Churches Aren't Avoiding Death by Keeping Doors Closed.

They're Ensuring It - The Federalist

The author began the article by citing the Apostle Paul. Wrong guy to cite in reference to today's MegaChurches. Paul's letters were the very foundations of the Bible. What young Kylee Zempel fails to comprehend is that Paul's followers were often badgered for their Christianity. So much so that Christians often had to have their services in small groups in follower's homes. The Apostle Paul would absolutely NOT approve of the Prosperity Gospel.

Making sure your local Preacher gets paid is not the foundations of Christianity. The foundations of Christianity laid within the groups of Christians defying Rome and meeting, often, in secret.

Let's play some word association, shall we?

Where do the old congregate? Churches!

What is the highest coronavirus risk group? 70+.

Other than nursing homes, I can't think of a worse place for the elderly to congregate.

So unless you're having summer outdoor services, there shouldn't be a problem with putting short term restrictions on church gathering numbers.....

You know what, I take that back, I'm probably wrong on this issue. But just in case, let's go ahead and make a law that says that if a church stays open, but a parishoner dies of coronavirus, it would be illegal for that church to inherit that person's money.

That is the sound of churches locking up.

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