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What if Biden Dies?

I think the last time I voted for either a Democrat or a Republican for President was way, way back in 1996. I cast my ballot for the infamously grumpy Bob Dole. Why wouldn't an advocate of third party/independent runs fall for Ross Perot's shenanigans? Because Perot was nutty, even by my low, low standards of Presidential sanity.

With that being said, I am leaning toward voting for Joe Biden this November. Unless an independent candidate jumps into the third party fray at the last minute, I am going to hold my nose and vote for Biden. I am on the record as saying "you don't vote against people, you vote for people," but I am not convinced that Donald Trump is sane.


With that being said, the way 2020 is going, I was thinking about a worse case scenario for the country going into the presidential election. Not for the candidates, the country.

What happens here?

It is mid-October and the weather is miserable. The East Coast and Midwest are in a cold spell and Coronavirus Wave II is in full swing. Joe Biden continues to campaign hard, despite being in the lead in the polls. 'Polls have been wrong before,' he thinks. Biden contracts coronavirus and the life seeps out of him as he passes at the age of 77 on the 1st of November.

Then what?

According to the website, it is up to the political party to replace a Presidential Candidate in the case of withdrawal or death. Meaning the Democrats would have to fill the void at the top of the ticket.

Would they just slide the VP Candidate to the top of the ticket?

What if that VP was Kamala Harris. I ain't votin' for her.

I would return to vote Libertarian in that case, Jo Jorgensen.

What if Hillary literally killed-


convinced the Democratic Party to slap her back on the top of ticket?

Would such a maneuver be legal? Would there be time to have another convention? How would that even work. For me, Hillary v Jorgensen, I would vote Jorgensen.

Went to CNN to see the top 10 options for Biden's VP.

  1. Harris: Already went over that.

  2. Klobuchar: That ain't happening now due to the Minnesota discord.

  3. Warren: Christ, I'd have to vote Jorgensen. (This is really bummin' me out.)

  4. Cortez-Mastro: TBD

  5. Bottoms: TBD

  6. Whitmer: Probably Whitmer

  7. Demmings: TBD

  8. Grisham: TBD

  9. Rice: I'd vote Jorgensen

  10. Abrams: Would for sure vote Jorgensen

What if the Dems went outside the box and put Cuomo on the ticket?

Cuomo vs Jorgensen? Jorgensen.....


Bernie Sanders vs Jorgensen? Jorgensen.

Bloomberg vs Jorgensen? TBD

Gabbard vs Jorgensen? Oh, I would actually hold my head up high and cast my ballot for Gabbard. This would be the best case scenario. There's a better chance of me winning the lottery than Gabbard getting placed on the top of the Democratic Ticket with no notice.

I could go over more scenarios, but I just don't want to.

Joe Biden better take his vitamins and stay away from large crowds.

Let me be crystal clear, if it was Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump and Satan was running on the Libertarian Party Ticket, I would vote for Satan.

It would be the lesser of 3 evils.

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