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Derek Chauvin: Guilty

I agree with the jury that found Derek Chauvin Guilty.

I am glad that Chavin was found guilty in the Murder of George Floyd.

And I am glad that justice was served.


I am telling you right now that the other 3 Officers charged in George Floyd Case (Lane, Thao, and Kueng) are going to be found Not Guilty because they used submission tactics found in police manuals. It is that clear cut and simple.

Within hours of the Chauvin's guilty verdict, left-leaning news outlets were already displeased:

Because Maxine Waters and her ilk are already setting up to riot when the next court case doesn't go their way.

That's why all this rioting stuff, IN A PANDEMIC, needs to stop. You censure Waters and kick her off of social media platforms, or you let Trump back onto social media platforms.

You don't get to pick which riots you like or don't like. Either both the Left and Right get to riot for their own reasons, or neither the Left and Right get to riot for their own reasons.

As a free speech site, what Trump did and what Waters did are very similar expressions of speech.

I have friends in Minneapolis who are absolutely done with the riots. They are fed up that national media outlets like CNN are flat out lying and not covering the violence while referring to the gatherings as "peaceful protests." Or they omit coverage when they deem rioting worthwhile as not to sway public opinion. MOST Minneapolis residents are fearful for their safety and do not see the violence as "righteous."

Residents may have relief tonight, but they still worry about future trials.

In 1 specific case, the Trial of Derek Chauvin, justice was done.

You cannot have the weight of every court case in the shadow of violence.


Or, fuck it. After every Election? Riots. Every Major Court Case? Riots. Every Supreme Court Case? Riots. Every Supreme Court nomination? Riots. Turn every civic event into a reason to riot.

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