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Does God Think America is the Problem? -or- RIP Richard Lee Richards

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

There was a provactive op-ed in the Jerusalem Post that posited the question Is God Punishing the USA?

The problem with the premise is the very first line:

"I am certainly not one to dare assume to know what goes on in the mind of the God I believe in, and consider it a bit arrogant to go down that path." - Jerusalem Post

When is the last time God spoke to the masses, on the record? I am being serious. Now people CLAIM to speak to God all the time, charlatans from Jim Bakker to George Bush, but since the advent of media, you notice there is no evidence of God speaking to a single person, let alone the masses?

In 1917, the Virgin Mary appeared to 3 school children in a small town in Portugal, then later to a much larger crowd. She didn't say anything to the crowd, just the children, then did some parlor tricks with the Sun. The Miracle of the Sun occured about a decade before the first practical electronic system for both the transmission and reception of images occured in 1929.

RIght now, today, I can put on a Superman Cape, climb up to the roof of my house, then record a Tik Tok of the consequences of me jumping from my garage. If I fail in a spectacular fashion, falling to the ground and fracturing both my legs, that could be viewed by a million people by tomorrow. "Loser Dad" would go viral in no time. If I didn't really jump, but then edited the footage in a poor way to make it look like I flew away, that would probably be viewed by a couple of dozen people, mostly friends and family mocking my editing skills.

But if I really did fly away, posted that on the internet, then flew to CNN headquarters and allowed then to film me flying around the building, by the end of the week a billion people would know who I was. MAN CAN FLY headlines would scream across the world.

What is so hard about God clarifying his words? By the end of the month, the technology exists where the whole world could be on the same page and not have to guess whom he is happy with and whom should incur his wrath.

I welcome God's clarity on the subject of current affairs.


Further along in the story about God being displeased about America was the fact that the country is overrun with gun violence and mass shootings.

That is true, Also true from the story is the scourge of partisanship. Mix them together and you get this nugget in the news from yesterday:

If you read about this specific shooting, it is the most egrigious police shooting incident I have ever come across. Yes, Richard Lee Richards was a career criminal. And yes, he probably did shoplift that toolbox from WalMart, but c'mon, he was fleeing in his wheelchair.

Richard Lee Richards was shot in the back and side 9 times. The case hasn't garnered any national attention because the Right doesn't want to talk about a case where the cop was clearly wrong. And the Left doesn't want to talk about the case because it was a White Cop shooting a White Suspect. (The most common incident by numbers.)

If police shootings weren't a partisan issue, you would know Richard Lee Richards' name because what happened to Richards was fundamentally wrong. But if God is pissed at the United States about that one specific case, and thinks Russia and China are on the right track, God really needs to float on down here and clarify things. In the modern era, God has multiple forums to communicate his anger quickly to the masses.

You think I'm arrogant?

I'm not. I'm angry.

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