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Evolution of the Left

I saw this meme on social media and it really bothered me.

In 1917: The Worker

In 1936: The Worker

In 1968: The Free Speech Advocate

In 2022: The LGBTQ+ Advocate

What happened? Let me tell you what happened. (In a nutshell, of course.)

Let's look at the 1968 photo again. That looks like the young version of principled leftist Ralph Nader. I tell people all the time that Nader is still around and kicking.

That actually sounds like something Nader would write, doesn't it?

Not that long ago, the left was about the worker. They were about safety nets and support systems. Now, whether you agreed with their core philosophies or not, at least you knew what they used to be. But now only 10% of Americans are in unions and talking about worker's rights in the age of Amazon is no fun. Now that many tech CEO's lean left themselves, it's no longer convenient for the left to paint the rich with a broad brush of exploiting the working man.

Instead the left has heavily invested itself in the culture wars.

Specifically the focus on the flesh without reproduction. As a society, you cannot base your national identity on sex. I'm not saying sex isn't an important aspect of an individual's life, I'm saying we can't be the Sex Country. That doesn't move civilization forward.

Do you remember why Ralph Nader was vilified? Because he supposedly cost the left the 2000 Presidential Election. Elections come and go, but Nader never relinquished his moral compass. Nader was savaged by his own team because he committed the greatest sin of the left. Today's left is a corporatized amalgamation of interests bound together to win elections.

The Democrats cater to far left causes right now to keep their coalition happy. They believe that they have a perfect Boogie Man in Donald Trump (CNN wrote 3 more articles demonizing Trump EASTER WEEKEND ALONE.)

The left shrieks you have to vote for them to keep the Evil Right away, but at some point people have to vote for ideas instead of against caricatures. Is the LGBTQ+ Agenda the new Civil Rights Movement? Uh no. There is a difference between Civil Rights and Sexual Rights.


Let's return to the above meme for a moment. What if you looked at the photo and judged the LGBTQ+ Movement to be sinful?

Go ahead, google it: Is LGBTQ+ Sinful?

Surprise, surprise, google manipulated the search to show that it certainly is not. The first tipoff should have been when google didn't autofill the question. The gatekeepers lean left, so you get a certain set of answers.

What's my point? Earlier today I read this terrible story at the Daily Mail:

Top Performing Manager at Florida Dollar General is FIRED...For Sharing TikTok Videos of Her Back-Breaking Conditions. I also found similar versions of the story at the New York Times and Patch. It shouldn't matter whether the manager in question, Mary Gundel, is White or Black, Male or Female, Straight or Gay. She was being exploited by the system and was then wrongfully terminated.

The left has largely forsaken the Mary Gundels of America. Ralph Nader didn't abandon the left, the left abandoned Ralph Nader.

From Nader himself, yesterday,

"Big corporations have meticulous strategic plans for humans, including robotic replacement of workers and human to human contact. It is time for a NEW CONSUMER REVOLUTION and new consumer rules for a just, safe, and consumer-sovereign economy."

And Nader is still beating the 1968 drum.


Is the 2022 version of America worth fighting for?

"A Plurality of American Youth Would Flee America in an Invasion."

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