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Fine Print in the News

*Last night, Minneapolis free-speech institution First Avenue cancelled a Dave Chappelle comedy show. First Avenue gives a platform to the biggest names in Music and Comedy (that can't fill the Target Center.) I saw Henry Rollins do an excellent spoken word performance there back in the day. If First Ave. starts cancelling concerts due to content, they might as well just shut down.....

Then I read the fine print. If First Avenue really cancelled they would have been on the hook to pay Dave Chappelle AND refund the crowd's money. For a venue already struggling to exist after the shutdowns of Covid, that could have been a death blow. What First Ave. did was switch locations of the stand up act to the Varsity Theater. They made a SYMBOLIC GESTURE.

*Famous Chucklehead Howard Schultz came out yesterday and claimed he was going to have to close profitable Starbucks locations because large cities, including Seattle, are 'abdicating their responsibility' to fight crime at their location.....

Then I read the fine print and saw that the stores in question were coincidentally trying to Unionize. Schultz was simply using the WalMart Model to stop unionization.

*Also yesterday, the Superintendent of the Uvalde Schools recommended that Police Chief Pete Arredondo be fired. Everyone agrees Arredondo should be fired, but why isn't he fired already???

Arredondo's arguement would be.... Uh, I don't even know what that would be at this point. After the Parkland Shooting in Florida, the School Resource Officer Scot Peterson, who didn't engage the gunman, almost immediately resigned. He did so to protect his pension. A year after the fact,

Scot Peterson was arrested on multiple charges stemming from his inactivity. 3 years later, Peterson is still awaiting trial.

Arredondo's Lawyer HAS to be advising him not to resign so he isn't charged for his team's inactivity. There has to be some serious lawyering up by all officers in Uvalde.

If you don't know who Hero Eli Dicken is, you follow a news source that doesn't report the news, you rely on a news source that reports a narrative.

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