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Floyd Mayweather: Running the Long Con

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I am not a boxing aficionado, but I've been watching boxing since I was a kid, specifically starting with ABC's Wide World of Sports.

Now I've seen some fights that were clearly fixed, fights that were real, but stolen by judges and real fights that were poorly refereed. What is going on now with Floyd Mayweather....well, that's a whole new category.

I watched parts of the Mayweather/McGregor fight. In the first round of that fight, I believe, Mayweather threw 2 punches. Mayweather allowed McGregor to stay in that fight long after McGregor lost his sea legs.

I saw the reaction of Ben Askren at the Daily Mail after the Paul/Askren fight. If you go to Webster's Dictionary and look up the definition of a Tomato Can, it has Askren's picture right next to it.

In hindsight, if Mayweather simply murdered McGregor, there is no celebrity boxing to be had. If Mayweather pulled a Mike Tyson and fucked Logan Paul up to a point where he was slurring his speech last night, no one would get in the ring with Mayweather ever again. Floyd Mayweather is boxing's version of Elon Musk. If you give Musk tens of millions of dollars, he'll fly you into space. If you pay Mayweather $30-100 million, he won't knock you out right away, you'll dance around a little and do some sparring. Say Mayweather ends up doing 5 of these exhibitions. You know how much money he will have made? I'm telling you, by not knocking out Logan Paul, Mayweather is setting up the next pay day against Jake Paul. If Mayweather throws limited punches at the start of that fight, you'll know he's setting up the exhibition match after that.

Now you're screaming at your monitor that Mayweather is simply a grifter and doesn't care about the integrity of boxing?

I'm sorry, I just laughed. When's the last time boxing and integrity went hand in hand?

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