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Gadsden Flag

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

At our core, we are a free speech website.

When is the last time we actually talked about the parameters of free speech? I don't know, July?

But something very important came up this week.

This is the Gadsden Flag. It has its roots dating back to the American Revolution. The flag itself is in reference to a Benjamin Franklin editorial cartoon back in 1754 (!).

It was reported in The Blaze that the Gadsden Flag was taken from a video presentation at a California High School because the administration saw the flag as a form of racial harassment.

Let me be very concise here:

You have the right to fly the Confederate Flag.

You shouldn't fly it, but you have the right to fly it.

If a state government wants to stop flying the Confederate Flag, that is their prerogative. I understand that to a segment of the population the flag signifies certain racial undertones.

You have the right to fly the Gadsden Flag.

You should fly it, it has no historical racial undertones.

Once the U.S. Government comes for the Gadsden flag, it's time to bunker down, because bad times are coming. Imminently. It means your freedom is ending.

I'm not using hyperbole. Other than the U.S. Flag, there is no other flag more important to America's history. I need to reiterate the basic tenet of Beacon of Speech. You need to protect the 2nd Amendment, because once they come for your arms, they come for your speech. I would argue that the Gadsden Flag is as symbolically powerful as the 2nd Amendment.

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