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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Estate of Late Singer Laura Branigan "Vehemently" Objects to Trump Family Partying to "Gloria" During Riots - Showbiz 411

Wow! There's a lot to unpack in one sentence, even before I try to read one word of the story.

  1. Laura Branigan is Dead? Apparently she died in 2004 at the age of 52.

  2. Why in the world were the Trumps partying to Gloria? Every time there's a riot, I post the same YouTube clip, Riot by the Dead Kennedys. It really captures the feel of a real riot. GLORIA?

  3. Did the Trumps even realize the irony of celebrating to Gloria? Laura Branigan is singing advice to her mentally unstable and out of control friend Gloria. For a President who's been accused of being mentally unstable and out of control, it was a TERRIBLE song choice.

  4. For this specific riot, he should have been singing Anarchy in the UK and then sing USA over the UK parts.

  5. Laura Branigan has an estate? If she died without having children, who's in the mysterious estate? Larry Kruteck's children?

  6. How much is in the Branigan Estate? Seriously, I can't get past this point. Did you know Laura Branigan had 7 Top 40 singles and 3 albums that went, at least, Gold?

You don't think I should be making light of the Capitol riots? Oh trust me, there's a lot of heavy, free speech issues that are going to shake out because of last week's clusterfuck.

Today I am simply laughing at absurdity.

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