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Hitting the (Pay) Wall Part II -or- Hating Trump Costs Money

The media, who worked so hard to help get Trump un-elected, not only wants you to know that Trump lost, but wants you to PAY to know that he lost.

All of these websites are in differing degrees of financial trouble and you can only read these stories with $$$$:

We Will Not Repeat Trump’s Endless, Desperate Lies about the Election @ Rolling Stone

Fox Gets Ready to Dump Trump @ The Daily Beast

Why Mahoning Valley is Now Trump Country @

USPS finds 1,703 mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania @

What’s Left to Count in a Possible Day of Decision for Biden @ The New York Times

Trump Won’t Accept Defeat. Ever. @ The Atlantic

All of the articles above are from today and each is protected by a pay wall. The problem for these entities is what happens when you don't have Trump to kick around anymore? What magical content are you going to charge your subscribers for? There's going to be a re-shuffling of the media deck, so to speak, in the very near future.

News content is not streaming. At some point, most cable subscribers will cut the cord and get around $50 of streaming services. People crave home entertainment, not everyone needs the news. Since cable couldn't figure out a la carte, new streaming customers will just pick out the amount of streaming to fit their budget. Right now our household pays for Netflix and Hulu with free streaming of Tubi and Pluto. Others may choose more streaming, others may choose less. Our partner at Beacon of Speech, Ted X, said he's just going to cancel cable and go the Antenna TV route. We tried that in our household and that lasted about 2 months.

How much do we pay news websites? Uh, zero. If all websites went to a pay model, what would I pay for? Maybe ESPN, if it was like a $1 a month. Maybe Drudge Report, if it was about the same price.

Online news is going to have to figure it out. And when I say figure it out, I mean there needs to be a thinning of the herd. Think of the most liberal news consumer you know. How much are they spending a month on news? Even your most hardcore liberal, are they spending hundreds of dollars a year on a package of Rolling Stone/The Daily Beast/Advance Local/New York Times/The Atlantic?



When I worked at Iron Mountain, their data business model was very bad. Every time a customer moved to the cloud, an Iron Mountain employee lost his/her job. It was that simple and unsustainable.

But the Iron Mountain paper model was very good. They would collect your paper and put it on a shelf. They would keep that paper on a shelf for a decade, if you needed, for a price. Once the information on the paper was no longer pertinent, Iron Mountain would shred your paper, for a price. And then Iron Mountain would sell your shredded paper/paper by-product, for cash. That single sheet of paper made Iron Mountain money in three different ways.

If a news website wants to survive past the Trump Era, it better have multiple revenue streams and multiple media platforms. Yelling Trump Sucks isn't a sustainable business model anymore.

In 2015, we told you not to vote for Trump in the Primaries.

In 2016, we told you not to vote for Trump in the Election.

In 2020, we told you not to vote for Trump in the Election, AGAIN!

If Trump throws his hat back in the ring in 2024, DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM!

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