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How Hard Can Rolling Stone Sell Out?

Earlier TODAY, Rolling Stone Magazine had an "interesting" article: Stream Loki on Disney+.

Hopefully you're reading this on a Desktop, the above photo is much clearer. How to Watch Loki Season Two is content, but it's branded content. The rest of the page is ads, including a plea to get Rolling Stone's Newsletter. 100% of the screen is some sort of ad in different forms. Who wrote this corporate muck?

Sage Anderson. Who's Sage Anderson?

"Sage Anderson is an E-Commerce Editor at Rolling Stone, where they review products and cover pop culture shopping news and handle branded content partnerships. Before joining Rolling Stone, they covered internet culture as a reporter for Mashable, wrote about health and wellness for"

Just because Rolling Stone used an LGBTQ+ Poster Child instead of a White Male to write this article, doesn't mean they're not a sell out.

And just when you thought Rolling Stone couldn't sink any lower, later in the SAME DAY:

I couldn't read the article because it was behind a pay wall, but here's the subheading "but the offscreen allegations against (Majors) makes Loki a tough watch."

So let me get this straight.

  • A corporate entity (probably Disney) paid Rolling Stone to write an article about how to watch Loki.

  • While there's literally hundreds of new shows coming out this month, Rolling Stone then assigned their TV Critic to review Loki, as opposed to those other shows. (Again, probably paid.) Then Rolling Stone put the content behind a pay wall so you have to pay to read it.

  • And then, to top it all off, Woke Alan Sepinwall couldn't fully review Loki, a TV show, because he was too distracted by one of the actor's real life, off-screen entanglements?

That's quite the business model.

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