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I Cannot Be Brainwashed Into Thinking Lars Ulrich is the Best Drummer on Earth

There is something very strange happening on my Facebook feed.

In the last 5 days, I've been fed 3 different sponsored feeds with some variation on this meme:

Why is this happening?

If you asked me: Who's the best Drummer in the Big Four? Lars Ulrich would be third.

#1 - Charlie Benante (Anthrax)

#2 - Dave Lombardo (Slayer)

#3 - Lars Ulrich (Metallica)

#4 - Nick Menza (Megadeth)

If you asked me: Who's the best Drummer in Metal? Lars Ulrich wouldn't even be in the Top 10

#1 - Gene Hoglan

Rock? Probably Neil Peart.

Ever? Probably Ginger Baker.

Best Showman? Probably Tommy Lee.

Under no metric is Lars the best drummer ever. N-O-N-E.

But more importantly, why is Facebook trying to convince me of this?

Despite a contentious Presidential Election coming up, Facebook is filling my suggested feeds up with:

Great Movie Debates

LeBron v. Jordan Debates

Best Musicians Across Eras

Sitcom Quotes

Reels, Reels, and more Reels

I watch the news and one side screams: BIDEN IS TERRIBLE!

I watch the news from a different perspective, and they scream: TRUMP IS TERRIBLE!

I go to Facebook and, despite following multiple news site, it is loaded with E! News.

And, as a blogger, I took the bait about Lars.

Is my passion AGAINST Lars taking away my energy from the 2024 Presidential Election?

Is Facebook trying to diffuse a partisan bomb, or being an alternate to news?

Because at the end of the day, you can't prove, one way or the other, if Lars Ulrich really is the Greatest Drummer on Earth, but debate equals clicks. Clicks about Lars, though, don't lead to violence.


Strapping Young Lad's Relentless

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