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I Hope Bob Rock Trips and Falls into a Ravine and His Pain is Prolonged and Agonizing

I came across a Metallica Top 50 List according to Spotify:

Man, I hope that list is incorrect. Bunch of Gen Z'ers brainwashed by Bob Rock.

This is the RIGHT list of top Metallica songs:

1. Battery (Master of Puppets)

2. Master of Puppets (Master of Puppets)

3. Creeping Death (Ride the Lightning)

4. Fight Fire with Fire (Ride the Lightning)

5. Bleeding Me (Load)

6. Seek and Destroy (Kill 'Em All)

7. Fade to Black (Ride the Lightning)

8. Damage Inc. (Master of Puppets)

9. One (...And Justice For All)

10. Call of Ktulu (S & M)

11. Enter Sandman (Black Album)

12. Ride the Lightning (Ride the Lightning)

13. Orion (Master of Puppets)

14. No Remorse (Kill 'Em All)

15. Unforgiven (The Black Album)

16. Frantic (St. Anger)

17. Stone Cold Crazy (Rubáiyát)

18. Poor Twisted Me (Load)

19. Trapped Under Ice (Ride the Lightning)

20. Phantom Lord (Kill 'Em All)

You claim I didn't put Enter Sandman in the Top 10 for effect? Listen, good Metallica songs should either make you want to run through a wall or go jump off a cliff. Enter Sandman was neither. Again, for those unfamiliar with our website, Metallica was the greatest thrash band of all time (right up until about 1990, when they hired Bob Rock.) From Enter Sandman Forward, Bob Rock turned Metallica into an average rock band. Unforgiven and Enter Sandman are good rock songs, the rest of that album is garbage. Starting with the Black Album, Metallica was about as heavy as Motley Crue on the high end, Foreigner on the low.

Cliff Burton would have been heard on ....And Justice for All, and would have either made the Black Album heavier, or he would have left the band.


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