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I Will Fight CNN Right Now

I was taking my morning sojourn to and came across an intriguing headline:

I worked on Document Handling Issues in Government.

Now this is where I made my first mistake. I am embarrassed to admit that I worked in the Document Management business for a decade. When I saw the headline, I assumed that CNN contacted my former employer, and noted union-breaker, William Meaney, CEO of Iron Mountain. Meaney got himself into a bit of trouble last year when he said that 'Inflation was Good for Business,' so I believed that Meaney penned the article to get the Iron Mountain Brand back in the news, but in a good way.

I was wrong. Instead of going to a leader in the document handling business, they stayed in house and used one of their writers with experience with the Biden and Obama Administrations.


Let's look at the partial resume of Norman Eisen: Eisen served as counsel to House Democrats in the first Trump impeachment and as White House ethics czar and ambassador to the Czech Republic in the Obama administration

Uh, how does that make Eisen a documents management expert?

Listen, I'm not that smart, but even I can see the conflict of interest of using Eisen as an Opinion writer. Of course he's going to say the cases are apples and oranges.

Let's see, what website defends Trump a lot? The Daily Mail. I wonder what they have to say?

<eye roll>

Daily Mail: Why top-secret files found in Joe Biden's garage could wreck his Presidency

Again, very predictable.

Biden Case Similar to Trump

Biden Case Dissimilar to Trump

Biden Case both Similar and Dissimilar to Trump

Who got it most right? Some dude, on an island, who's a fan of the New York Times.

To the Editor: One thing we should all be able to agree on, regardless of political affiliation, is that a Middle School Library keeps better track of its books than our federal government does of its most precious secrets. Rather than engage in partisan finger pointing and whataboutism over President Biden’s possession of classified documents, with Republicans gleefully engaging in spurious comparisons with Donald Trump’s offenses and Democrats pedantically citing the differences, why not engage in meaningful bipartisanship by asking two questions: 1. What are the current procedures for taking and returning classified materials, the revelation of which could present grave danger to both the nation and particular individuals? 2. How can those procedures be improved, and the law amended, if necessary, to deter both intentional (Trump) and inadvertent (Biden) mishandling of the nation’s invaluable secrets? Rick Nagel Mercer Island, Wash.

Maybe Rick Nagel should start his own news website, they could call it the Nagel News Network,

NNN for short. What is their business model? Tellin' it like it is.

Why would the NNN fail?

All you have to do is follow the money:

Why do I want to fight CNN?

Just admit you're not the middle.

Don't roll out Norman Eisen and claim to be impartial.

Eisen went to college with Obama....

Eisen was a "critical force" for Trump's Impeachment....

Eisen wrote a book called Overcoming Trumpery...

If you hate Bill Meaney at Iron Mountain, you could have tried Access-

Let me tell you a secret. Document management is one of the most boring topics on God's Green Earth. I regret even starting to write this stupid article, it has ground to a dead halt.

Let's see, I am going to give Spike Cohen the last word:

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