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Idiots in My Neighborhood Part II (Post Trump Edition)

Way, way back in the year 2020, I wrote about the Presidential Election from a very local level: My street.

There were 29 houses on my street, 8 with Trump signs and 0 with Biden signs. I speculated that at least 1 person voted for Biden (my wife), but we didn't put up any signs.

(I vetoed that as a Jo Jorgensen supporter.)

I never even imagined doing a sequel article, but something interesting happened at the end of the street earlier this week.

Let me cut and paste the description of 3 of the Trump Houses from the original article:

House A: The owners are a married couple who inherited the house from their 90 year old mother. One is "retired" and the other is a "utilityman." I have seen them use an outside fire pit in their garage.

House B: This house is a rental. Last year it partially burned down because the resident "fell asleep smoking a cigarette." The new renters are an unknown commodity. The year before the house caught fire, the backyard caught on fire.

House C: The owner is a 85 year old man with dementia. His live-in nurse wheels him up and down the street on nice days. He is in a nearly vegetative state.

So today, literally the same day that Trump's Mug was on all of the nightly news channels with a indictment hanging over his head, the police were on the property lines of Houses A & B for a third straight day for neighbor wars

What is going on? Long story short, House A doesn't like children. House B is now chock full of rambunctious mixed kids. It's basically that simple.

But thinking back, only 3 years ago, the demographics of our street were consistently evolving. Are the yocals in House A still going to vote for Trump. Probably.

Is the Young Mom or Boyfriend/Baby Daddy from House B voting for Trump? Hard to say.

The owner of House C is either dead or institutionalized. The house has been willed to his kids. Will any of his kids move in and vote for Trump? Again, hard to say. Maybe they're stoked for DeSantis.

The point is, Donald Trump, at 76, is not winning new converts. He is frantically clutching onto his 74 million voters, hoping they don't jump ship... or die of old age.

As a matter of fact, 4 of the adults that voted for Trump in the 8 above houses have died since we last visited the block. I don't see young adults wearing MAGA hats anymore. I also see a lot of young liberals praying that Biden doesn't die.

Let me be crystal clear, out of the 29 houses above, a majority didn't publicize their political beliefs. This article is not a scientific survey. I just think its funny how much things can change in 3 years.

And I didn't even mention the pandemic.

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