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Idiots in My Neighborhood

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Listen, I've said this ad nauseum, I haven't voted for either a Democrat or a Republican at the Presidential level since Bob Dole. I was a huge Gary Johnson fan. This year, I was leaning toward Biden until he added Harris, and now it's looking like Jorgensen. With all of that being said, I received some negative feedback from my last article because I didn't condemn Donald Trump strongly enough and exonerate Democrats in the coronavirus spread. You know why? Even countries in Europe are having trouble with the Covid 19 outbreak. Though I can't prove it in a court of law, I believe that the Chinese controlled the coronavirus by killing citizens and locking down people by force and incinerating the evidence. In the United States, there are lots of people to blame at multiple layers of government. And, in some cases, you simply have to concede the difficulty of fighting a microscopic adversary.

I want to clearly delineate my beliefs. Donald Trump is terrible. Do not vote for him. But here's the problem with the Democrats. I want you to look very closely at this CNN headline.

The left is going nuts because Donald Trump refuses to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. The left warns of riots in the streets. Yet at the same exact time, there's a court decision that the left doesn't like, so they are rioting in the streets. How can you not see the hypocrisy?

Either way, you get riots in the streets. Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, who was a drug dealer, shot at the cops. They shot back and accidentally killed Breonna Taylor. Why are you rioting? I want to hyperventilate. This country has gone bat shit crazy. The entire system is broken.

Donald, the right-leaning populist needs to go. But LeBron, the left-leaning populist needs to go, too. How do I vote him out? This should be the year....

This should be the year....




Let's pause and start again.


I don't want to talk about national figures anymore. I don't want to talk about faceless machines anymore. I want to bring this down to a community level....

Do you like your neighbors?

Most of mine are fine, I suppose, but I don't know everyone on my street.

In my defense, I have a job. Between BOS and my employer's demands, I don't have a lot of time for gossip on my cul-de-sac. But about a month ago, I noticed that a bunch of Trump signs started popping up and no Biden signs, which is strange, because we are not a thoroughfare.

Just using my specific street as an example, it is time to slander my neighbors.

29 houses. 8 Trump signs.

House A: The owners are a married couple who inherited the house from their 90 year old mother. One is "retired" and the other is a "utilityman." I have seen them use an outside fire pit in their garage.

House B: This house is a rental. Last year it partially burned down because the resident "fell asleep smoking a cigarette." The new renters are an unknown commodity. The year before the house caught fire, the backyard caught on fire.

House C: The owner is a 85 year old man with dementia. His live-in nurse wheels him up and down the street on nice days. He is in a nearly vegetative state.

House D: The owners are a nice, retired married couple who put most of their money into antique cars and racing cars.

House E: The owner is divorced and has been on disability since the turn of the millennium. The ambulance has visited the location over 50 times since I moved in.

House F: The owner is an 80 year old widower who often drives his motorized wheelchair in the dark and likes to call the cops on anyone under 50. He refers to himself as the "President of Xxxxxx Court."

House G: The owners just moved in. They are looking to join the Old Man Jenkins Club.

House H: The owners partied so hard with their adult children when the lockdown was lifted, you could smell marijuana smoke when you drove by their home.

Just a reminder: THERE ARE NO BIDEN SIGNS. So are the other 21 houses not voting? The silent majority? Voting third party? There are no indications of how they will vote in their yard.

I do know that at least 2 other neighbors that are voting for Trump don't have signs....yet. I just think that it's strange that the households that spend the most time at their jobs, don't have time publicize their political affiliations.

If Trump wins, it is because he is a representation of America.

Let that sink in for a while.


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