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If CNN leaned Right

Overnight, insurrectionists from the by-ways of Wisconsin to the coastal cities of Portland, Oregon took to the streets in an attempt to overturn the core American principals of Self-Defense and Gun Ownership explicitly spelled out in the 2nd Amendment.

This second wave of insurrectionism filed into city centers after the Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal. Our top analysts all weigh in from the streets of America:

Chris Cizzilla: Biden's Feet Must be Held to the Fire

SE Cupp: Reagan Would Have Declared Martial Law

Dean Obeidallah: The Democratic Party is Pure Evil

Penial E. Joseph: It is NOT About Race

Chris Cuomo: I Renounce the Party of My Father

Jennifer Rodgers: Thank God for the Rule of Law

This was the most shared Meme this morning on Facebook-

And this was the most shared Meme on Twitter-

As you remember, the first wave of insurrectionism occurred after the George Floyd Incident.

Derek Chauvin was convicted, in a court of law, and sentenced to 22.5 years in prison. Both before and after the conviction, insurrectionists, bent on overturning the core tenets of the 10th Amendment, did over a billions dollars worth of damage to the infrastructure of the United States.

As pointed out by one of our faithful viewers, January 6 was isolated to just a few hours over a small patch of land. An over exuberant pep rally for some overzealous Republicans. The Second Wave Insurrection in relation to the Rittenhouse Verdict has now lasted longer and covered more square mileage than what happened on the Capitol Steps.

We here at CNN ask for prayers for the dedicated policemen protecting our urban centers as those participants in the Second Wave Insurrection gear up for another night of violence.

Just a reminder, Kenosha isn't New York, Los Angeles, or even Portland, it's an exurb right between Chicago and Milwaukee, it isn't equipped for long term instability. Home of former Miss America Laura Kaeppeler, its population is a hair under 100,000.

The population of Kenosha is 77% white and as the left continues to attempt to re-frame what happened into a referendum on race, it must be pointed out that in this specific conversation, Kyle Rittenhouse is white and had no criminal record. The men he actually shot were white and had criminal records. Both Kyle Rittenhouse and his assailants were from nearby communities within a half an hour driving distance. The Rittenhouse Case wasn't about race, but about defending yourself. Most on the left don't even know where Kenosha is!

Stay tuned to CNN for our continuing coverage of the SECOND WAVE INSURRECTION. as the left's riots continue to rip at the fabric of small town America.

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